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Pexpo COCOA - Stainless Steel Vacuum Insulated Coffee Mug| 24/7 Hot & sweat free 100% Safe, |Leak Proof | BPA Free|

Pexpo COCOA - Stainless Steel Vacuum Insulated Coffee Mug| 24/7 Hot & sweat free 100% Safe, |Leak Proof | BPA Free| 111

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Ever feel like your tumbler is just, well, a tumbler? It holds your water, sure, but where's the excitement? Where's the pizazz? We get it. Staying hydrated is crucial, but sometimes the tools we use for it can feel a little, well, boring. Introducing Cocoa – the stainless steel tumbler designed to be your partner in hydration crime (in the best way possible, of course!). Forget lukewarm water and leaky messes, Cocoa boasts features that will have you saying "buh-bye" to bland and "hello" to grand hydration adventures!

  1. Temperature Takes the Stage: Say goodbye to lukewarm beverages! Cocoa's got revolutionary tri-ply vacuum insulation, keeping your drinks icy cold for over 24 hours or piping hot for just as long.

  2. Built to Last, Built to Thrive: Crafted from high-grade 304 stainless steel, Cocoa is tough enough to handle anything you throw at it (except maybe a speeding train, but hey, let's be real!).

  3. Rust? Never Heard of Her: Unlike some plastic tumblers, Cocoa is completely rust-proof and BPA-free. Eco-friendly and safe for you – that's a win-win!

  4. Sleek Design, Effortless Style: Cocoa isn't just about function; it's a fashion statement too! The sleek and shiny design adds a touch of elegance to your everyday routine.

  5. Leak-Proof Confidence: Spills are a thing of the past. Cocoa's got a leak-proof design that keeps your bag safe and your worries at bay.

  6. Hydration for Everyone: Whether you're a busy adult, a growing teen, or a little adventurer on the go, Cocoa's generous capacity ensures you stay hydrated all day long.

  7. Easy to Pour, Easy to Love: Enjoy a smooth and comfortable drinking experience with Cocoa's easy-to-pour design and odorless materials.

  8. Colors that Pop, Durability that Rocks: High-quality materials ensure your Cocoa stays vibrant and rust-proof for years to come.

  9. Pre-Condition for Peak Performance: Get the most out of your Cocoa! Simply pre-heat with hot water for hot drinks or pre-chill with cold for a temperature boost.

  10. The Gift that Keeps on Giving: Looking for a present that's both practical and stylish? Look no further than Cocoa! It's the perfect gift for anyone who values a healthy and active lifestyle.

  11. Your Outdoor Adventure Buddy: Cocoa's compact design makes it the ideal companion for outdoor enthusiasts. From hikes to camping trips, it keeps you hydrated wherever you roam.

Product Specifications:

  • Product Name: Cocoa
  • Insulation: Double wall vacuum insulation
  • Age Group: Perfect for all age groups
  • Material: 304-grade stainless steel
  • Cap Type: sipper cap
  • Net Quantity: 1N
  • Included Component: 1N stainless steel bottle
  • Manufacturer: Placero International Private Limited
  • Country of Origin: India
  • Customer care - 1800 120 6004 |

Usage & Care guidelines: To ensure that your Pexpo Cocoa gives you the most effective results, follow the following tips: 

  • Don't store carbonated beverages. Also, avoid alcoholic drinks.

  • Cover the bottle when you are not using it. This prevents odor. 

  • Use mild detergents to clean the bottle.

  • Do not wash the bottle using a dishwasher.

  • Avoid putting the bottle in a freezer.

With these tips, your bottle will stay as fresh & compelling as new for a long time.


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