Is It Safe To Put Ice Cubes In A Water Bottle?

Is It Safe To Put Ice Cubes In A Water Bottle?

The general tendency in households is to use a water bottle for all types of beverages including lemonade, carbonated drinks, and so on. The precautionary tip is that one should read the label beforehand to know what beverages can and cannot be put into bottles; not all of them are designed for acidic or aerated liquids. Now, coming to ice cubes, it might sound like an old habit to some, while others may feel totally bamboozled by the very thought of ice cubes in a water bottle.

Is it safe to store ice cubes in a water bottle?

Keeping ice cubes in a bottle and determining if it is safe to do so or not are both two different things. Let’s clear this doubt.

Free from BPA

There is no dearth of studies asserting that BPA in plastic is utterly harmful and toxic. Even if the manufacturer claims to be plastic devoid of BPA, it is likely to release other toxins. So, if you are using or planning to use a plastic bottle for ice cubes, you need to switch. You can switch to a steel bottle because steel is free from BPA and is also a food-grade material. Your ice cubes will be very safe and away from toxicity interference in a steel container.

No rusting problems

Another major concern that comes to one’s mind is about the bottle getting rusted and there of spoiling the ice cubes. This is an obvious apprehension because metal is usually perceived to get rust. The good news is that you can easily keep this doubt aside by using a SS 304 and tri-ply tech bottle like those from Pexpo. This grade is safe and efficient in protecting your bottle (and ice cubes) from bacteria, mold, and other unpleasantly harmful substances.

Taste does not get peculiar

Many times, people talk about their ice cubes tasting unusually weird when stored in copper, aluminum, plastic, or bottles other than steel. The reason is that these materials either leach into the contents or release toxic compounds that in turn affect the taste of your beverage and ice cubes. But, if you decide to store the ice cubes in a steel insulated water bottle, the taste will remain the same. This is another plus point about safety for both health and taste.


The crux is that a steel bottle is safe to keep ice cubes without changing their taste. It will not rust nor contaminate the contents. For added advantage, go for a bottle embedded with tri-ply tech to keep the ice cubes solidified for a long time.

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