Electro – Stainless Steel Triply Vacuum Insulated Bottle With Jute Bag
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Electro – Stainless Steel Triply Vacuum Insulated Bottle With Jute Bag

From:  629

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Highlights that you will love

  • Easy to Carry
  • Easy Pouring
  • Lightweight
  • Made In India
  • Quality Stainless Steel
  • 3x Powder Color Coating
  • Complies with BIS (IS 17526: 2021)
  • Complies with International Standards (EN 12546)
Much More 

First things first, we want our buyers to know what is tri-ply for which they are paying us. Tri-ply is the abbreviated term for three-ply materials where the first layer is of stainless steel, the second is of aluminum, and the third is of stainless steel again. Such a combo prevents the stickiness of beverages and does not let the hotness/ coolness go away. Thus, we thought it to be a fantastic idea to use tri-ply in our Electro bottles so that you have a safe and fantastic experience.
User Guide
• Wash the bottle before using it for the first time. • Clean the insides of the bottle by using a brush. • Do not microwave or freeze the bottle. • Keep the bottle away from direct sources of heat. • Avoid filling the bottle with carbonated drinks. • Pre-heat the bottle with hot water or pre-cool with cold water for better performance
Care Guide
• Our bottle is odorless, but the beverage inside may leave traces of smell behind. So, we suggest cleaning the bottle regularly. • The best cleaning experience comes with using baking soda, hot water, a soft brush, and a sponge. • Avoid cleaning agents like chlorine, bleach, or strong detergent to clean the bottle. • Empty the bottle and leave the cap open when not in use.
Assurance of Warranty Period
• Our electro stainless steel bottle with triply and double wall tech comes with a replacement warranty within one year of purchase for any manufacturing defects. • The provided warranty is only for defects in material and workmanship. Kindly attach along the original bill to avail of the warranty perk wherever applicable. • Please note that we do not provide replacements, but we are efficient to repair faults in workmanship and material. Damages from mishandling or tampering are not covered.
Wave Off Shipping Charges
Avail of free shipping on PAN India deliveries for orders above 499 INR. We assure you of no other hidden charges to enable an experience without any loopholes at Pexpo.

Versatile Functional Value

Be it a sunny day calling for a chilled refreshing drink or a winter day making it necessary to have warm tea/ coffee, our Electro stainless steel bottle is perfect for all types of beverages. It is designed to suit your purpose of drinking water, coffee, mocktail, herbal tea, or any other beverage at the temperature you love. Pexpo does not make a casual water bottle; it strives to create a bottle that can preserve the hotness and coldness of the beverage for the longest possible time. Thus, when you are paying for this Electro stainless steel bottle, you are paying for the functional value of keeping the temperature intact with double walls.

Stainless Steel With Triply Tech

The temperature stays the same because of the tri-ply tech and vacuum insulation combo used in the manufacturing of this bottle. The layer of aluminum in tri-ply tech works with vacuum insulation to maintain the temperature of the beverage. This is why you always get the beverage as hot or cold as you had filled it.There is an extended benefit of the above triply tech. The above-mentioned aluminum layer has a coating of stainless steel under and over it; thus, it is called triply or three-layered tech. The presence of stainless steel ensures corrosion resistance and does not let the beverage get spoiled. Pexpo uses SS 304 for this.

3x Powder Color Coating

Pexpo ensures the best purchase for its customers and has added an extended advantage of 3x coating in this stainless steel tri-ply bottle. We went beyond the regular coating of paints and have henceforth used 3x powder coating. It gives our bottle the edge of three-time thicker paint. Thus, the color stays on for a longer period and even the grip becomes better. The color will not fade away even after washing or due to the temperature of the contents therein.

Convenient Design

This product comes in a cylindrical shape to give the user enough space to hold onto the bottle firmly. It has a wide mouth for easy pouring and quenching your thirst. It has a durable matte finish. Do not worry about the beverage getting spilled here and there because Pexpo makes this bottle leak-proof for you. When the bottle is capable of keeping the beverage therein hot and cold, one may fear that their fingertips may also get the same sensation. However, you can easily touch or hold this electro bottle; it will not burn or freeze your hands. It has a vacuum layer that does not let the temperature go at the exterior surface.

Made In India

We are proud that this bottle is Made in India from head to toe. Be it the cap or the insides of the bottle, everything is manufactured in India. We do not use any part of this product from China or other nations. Join us in promoting Indian business and buy only such products having the entire manufacturing unit in India. We feel that we are obligatory towards the betterment of the planet as well. Hence, our production and designing team keep in mind the eco-friendly factor at every possible step. Help us in reducing the usage of plastic bottles by using Electro Pexpo so that we can together do something sustainable for the environment.

Additional information

Weight 0,542 kg
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 34 cm
color: No selection

Black, Silver, Blue, Red

size: No selection

500 ml, 750 ml, 1000 ml, 1500 ml, 1800 ml

2 reviews for Electro – Stainless Steel Triply Vacuum Insulated Bottle With Jute Bag

  1. anjalikuril07

    Mind boggling product, the prize is good, the quality is amazing, the water remain cold/hot for 24hours, look is decent, highly recommended this product

  2. Kirti

    Great product and excellent packaging. Keep water at original temperature for long time.easy to carry .excelent quality.

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