4 Reasons You Must Know Why Stainless Steel Bottles And Lunchboxes Are Better Than Plastic Ones

4 Reasons You Must Know Why Stainless Steel Bottles And Lunchboxes Are Better Than Plastic Ones

Are you someone who buys plastic bottles every time you go out? Have you ever wondered if the plastic water bottles available in the market are safe to use? Did you never think if plastic is harmful then what is the best alternative for a beverage bottle? Are you contributing to the betterment of the nature and planet by using stainless steel bottles? These questions go the same for the lunchboxes also in which you eat or serve food.

There is no doubt that nature concerns are on alarm lately and we must act immediately before it gets too late. One such small yet impactful step for you can be to switch to steel water bottles and stop using the typical plastic ones. We are here to bring out plenty of reasons that are sure to attract you for buying steel products like bottles, lunchboxes, etc.

Plastic bottles and lunchboxes harm the environment; steel is suitable for the planet.

Innumerable articles and discussions have been in circulation about how plastic is destroying our mother earth. Some say that plastic takes 400-1000 years to decompose depending upon its form, while others claim that plastic never decomposes; it stays on earth in one or the other form. It can be either of them; the crucial thing to understand is that plastic is utterly harmful to the planet and even other species.  Thus, it is essential to discard plastic bottles and lunchboxes and use the ones made of stainless steel.

Plastic can contaminate food and beverage; steel is safe to eat and drink into it.

Plastic has BPA or Bisphenol A in it which is a very harmful and toxic substance. Some manufacturers use BPA to add strength to the bottles and tiffin boxes. And buyers do not realize that they are paying for the health risks in the name of plastic food or beverage containers. Stay awake and shun such harmful effects on your health by choosing stainless steel bottles and lunchboxes. Steel neither has BPA in it nor is BPA used in manufacturing steel containers. So, think about the health of your family and yourself.

Plastic may cause temperature leakage; steel with tri-ply tech can preserve coldness or warmth.

This is one of the best and most fascinating highlights of having a stainless steel bottle. Everybody wishes to enjoy their beverages at the desired temperature while traveling, working, holidaying, etc. But, your cold beverage may get warm and warm beverage might get cold after a few hours or even minutes in a plastic bottle. Buy a steel bottle with tri-ply tech in it to keep your cold coffee cold and hot tea hot throughout the day. Always choose an insulated water bottle to cherish your beverage at the temperature you like.

Plastic tends to retain flavors; steel is known to not retain flavors.

Does your plastic bottle begin to emit a peculiar smell after some time? Or do you notice a different taste of the food or beverage after using the same plastic lunchbox or bottle a couple of times? Well, it is because the reason that plastic tends to change the taste of any beverage or even food after you have previously put specific ingredients like lemon, cucumber, etc. in a plastic container. Say goodbye to such an unintended and weird taste by using stainless steel water bottles and tiffin containers.


Using plastic bottles and lunchboxes are affecting several things adversely like the planet, your health, your taste, and even your living. Thus, if you wish to bring positive changes to the earth and your health, it is high time to buy stainless steel bottles and tiffin for the perks mentioned above and more.

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