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Pexpo makes available three stainless steel microwave-safe lunchbox containers with a tri-ply Chromo bottle and a spoon for a wholesome meal. Every component of this combo is free from toxins and is 100% safe for kids, adults, and everyone else.
User Guide
For bottle • Wash the bottle before using it for the first time. • Clean the insides of the bottle by using a brush. • Do not microwave or freeze the bottle. • Keep the bottle away from direct sources of heat. • Avoid filling the bottle with carbonated drinks. For lunchbox • Wash the lunchbox before using it for the first time. • Clean the containers and spoon by using a soft brush. • Keep the lunchbox away from direct sources of heat other than a microwave.
Care Guide
• Our bottle and lunchbox are odorless, but the beverage/ food inside may leave traces of smell behind. So, we suggest cleaning the bottle regularly and tiffin after every use. • The best cleaning experience comes with using baking soda, hot water, a soft brush, and a sponge. • Avoid cleaning agents like chlorine, bleach, or strong detergent to clean the bottle, lunchbox, and spoon. • Empty the bottle and the lunchbox, and leave the lids open when not in use.
Assurance of Warranty Period
• Our Ultra stainless steel microwave-safe lunchbox comes with a repairing warranty within thirty days of purchase for any manufacturing defects. • Our Chromo bottle in Ultra combo comes with a repairing warranty within one year of purchase for any manufacturing defects. • The provided warranty is only for defects in material and workmanship. Kindly attach the original bill to avail of the warranty perk wherever applicable. • Please note that we do not provide replacements, but we are efficient to repair faults in workmanship and material. Damages from mishandling or tampering are not covered.
Wave Off Shipping Charges
Avail of free shipping on PAN India deliveries for orders above 499 INR. We assure you of no other hidden charges to enable an experience without any loopholes at Pexpo.

Ideal for all wanting to reheat food in microwave

Having proper meals is integral for everybody regardless of age, gender, work, etc. We are here to make your lunch breaks at the office, school, etc. fresh and warm with the Ultra lunch box combo by Pexpo. Our combo comes with three single-walled utility containers, a double-walled Chromo bottle, and a spoon. Thus, it is a compact yet functional purchase to pack delicious homemade food for a picnic, traveling, office, school, college, and any other place.

Secured locking for spill-free and easy carrying

Say goodbye to tiffin boxes that ruin your bag, clothes, desk, and everything around by spilling the contents. We are excited to share that neither your food nor your beverage will dribble from our Royal containers and Chromo bottle. We use vacuum insulation in the bottle and PU insulation in the lunchboxes to prevent leakage. The lids come with secured locks so that both kids and adults can use this leak-proof combo worry-free.

Long-lasting and safe coating of colors

People are also anxious about the look of their tiffin and bottle. Color fading and weak construction are the most common problems; Pexpo is here to tackle both of them. We promise durable and industry-graded materials to assure you an attractively long companionship with our Royal combo. We use a 3x powder coating that makes the color of the products stay for long. This color technique is 100% safe and allows anti-slip touch.

Pros  of stainless steel, insulation, and tri-ply

All three containers, the Chromo bottle, and the spoon are made of SS 304 quality. Thus, you get to use each component of this combo without corrosion hassles. The PU-insulated lunch box will keep your food fresh and safe for consumption. The vacuum-insulated steel water bottle will keep your favorite beverage hot or cold for more than 24 hours. The Chromo bottle available in this Royal combo also has the tri-ply advantage to prevent temperature leakage.

Bonus points of the carry bag, odor-free, and more

It is our absolute pleasure to ensure that the manufacturing of each component is Made In India. Each product is eco-friendly and aims to reduce the usage of harmful plastic. Our Royal combo is 100% safe and BPA-free. Both the tiffin and the bottle are odorless besides being utterly leak-proof. We hope to have made it easy for you to carry the lunch box in our sustainably designed and durable carry bag fastened with a sturdy zip.

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