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Tango (School Bag Design)

Tango (School Bag Design) 111

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Lunchboxes should necessarily combine practicality with lunch! Why? Because lunch is the time that re-energizes us for the rest of the day.

If you agree with what we just said above, Pexpo Tango Elite is the lunchbox that you are looking for. It is a PU-insulated lunch box by Pexpo that has been specifically designed for picky eaters.

Food stays fresh and delicious all day!

The core function of any lunchbox is to ensure your food stays fresh and enjoyable until lunchtime. The Pexpo Tango Elite excels in this area thanks to its PU insulation. This technology prevents heat or cold from escaping, keeping your child's salads and fruits cool or their warm dishes like chapatis and vegetables steaming for hours.

Safe and Healthy Materials:

At Pexpo, your child's health is our top priority. That's why the Tango Elite is crafted from high-grade, food-safe stainless steel (201 Stainless Steel), approved by industry standards. This premium material not only preserves the texture, taste, and freshness of food, but it's also 100% BPA-free

Fun Colors for Picky Eaters:

A lunchbox they love can make a big difference. The Pexpo Tango Elite comes in a range of peppy and long-lasting colours: pink, green, and grey. This variety allows your child to choose a design that speaks to their personality, potentially making them more excited about lunchtime. Plus, the 3x powder coating ensures vibrant colours that resist fading, keeping the lunchbox looking good for years to come.

Airtight and Odorless Design:

Spills and funky odours are a parent's worst nightmare when it comes to lunchboxes. Thankfully, the Pexpo Tango Elite is engineered to combat both. The airtight lid is designed to prevent spills and messes, keeping your child's backpack and belongings safe. 

Additional features of Pexpo Tango

  • Easy to Clean: The Pexpo Tango's smooth stainless steel interior makes cleaning a breeze. 
  • Lightweight and Portable: The Tango's compact design and lightweight construction make it easy for children to carry in their backpacks.
  • Secure Locking Mechanism: The secure locking mechanism ensures the lid stays closed, preventing spills and keeping food safe.

Usage and Care Guidelines:

  • If you want to remove odours, keep the containers uncovered when not in use.
  • Mild detergents are the best choice to clean the lunch box set.
  • Cleaning with the help of a dishwasher or storing in a freezer is not advised. 

When you choose a safe and functional lunchbox, you encourage healthy habits in your children. You also turn lunchtime into an experience they can look forward to. With high-quality material and a leakproof design, Pexpo Tango Elite is just what your kids need to celebrate lunch break every day. 

Grab a Pexpo Tango Elite for your child today & start wondering about what interesting meal you are going to pack for their lunch tomorrow. 

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