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Pexpo Tango - Stainless Steel Kids Lunch Box (Purple Monster Design)

Pexpo Tango - Stainless Steel Kids Lunch Box (Purple Monster Design) 111

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PU insulation for temperature retention

The primary function of any tiffin is to keep the contents hot or cold as desired till eaten. Our Tango is one such product specifically designed for kids as an insulated lunch box. Each tiffin manufactured in this category is infused with PU insulation that prevents temperature leakage. Thus, it is capable of keeping the salads or fruits cold and vegetables or chapatis warm for a long time due to this insulation.

Stainless steel according to food grades

Besides the PU insulation, it is the quality of the stainless steel used in the construction of this tiffin box that keeps each meal as fresh as ever. Pexpo is determined about using only the industry-approved SS 304 while making Tango for your dear kids. Such premium quality materials help in preserving the texture, taste, and freshness of the food. Order it today to avoid the harmful effects of plastic; Tango is 100% safe and BPA-free.

Peppy and lasting colors for tiny tots

Kids often insist their parents to buy them things in attractive and lively colors. Thus, our concerned team has made sure to make available PU-insulated, single-wall, durable Tango lunchboxes in colors that your kid will love. Check our range of pink, green, and grey colors that give a catchy appearance. Also, we use a long-lasting 3x powder coating only to prevent fading of colors. Do not worry; our paints are 100% safe and long-lasting. 

Devoid of leakage or odor hassles

Our steel tiffin box with PU insulation and the single wall has a further edge of being leak-proof and odorless. The lid is designed in a way to provide the maximum advantage of not letting the contents come out of the lunchbox. Use the locks attached to the lid to close it securely without any worries of spillage. Also, we use only premium and graded materials while manufacturing Tango; so that there are no chances of peculiar odor.

Sustainable and Made In India tiffin

The bonus point is that this tiffin suitable for kids and adults is wholly Made In India. Be it about the anti-slip grip feature o

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