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Kayo - Strong-Grip Gym Shaker Stainless Steel Bottle With Mixing Shaker Ball

Kayo - Strong-Grip Gym Shaker Stainless Steel Bottle With Mixing Shaker Ball 111

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Perfect for workouts & sports

We are here with an odorless, leak-proof, strong grip, and BPA-free shaker, Kayo by Pexpo. Users appreciate keenly the presence of the blending ball in our Kayo that helps in mixing the protein scoop or other ingredients well into your drink. The propylene plastic cap prevents the beverage from spilling. The wide mouth makes putting/ mixing ingredients easy, while the sipper allows convenient sipping. It also has an adjustable loop making it easier for portability. Sports lovers or gym-goers know that an energy drink is significant for a bang-on session. Also, give your kids a delicious smoothie or prepare your energy drink in our durably stylish, leak-proof Kayo shaker.

Comes with the perks of the single wall

Our engineers and makers are well-versed in the differences between single and double walled bottles. The reason behind using a single wall in the Kayo shaker is that people wanted a lightweight product with more capacity in the same size; our single wall serves these purposes perfectly as there is no extra weight or space taken by double walls. Thus, you can sip on more water, smoothie, energy drink, etc. in our BPA-free single-walled Kayo.

Has the advantages of graded stainless steel

From the topmost rim area of the bottle to the bottommost resting area of the Kayo bottle, everything is made of stainless steel grade SS 201. Buying our Kayo will mean that you are paying for the material that is away from being rusted; our product is anti-corrosive. Pexpo is strict about following the local and international industry standards which are BIS (IS 17526: 2021) and EN 12546 respectively.

Provides 3x powder coating color strength

Available in blue, red, silver, and black colors, the Kayo shaker will remain of the same paint because we use 3x powder coating. It is three times thicker; thus; it stays on for a longer time without traces of dullness in the shaker’s color. This triple feature also makes the grip better for a non-slippery experience while shaking, drinking, and pouring Kayo products by Pexpo. We promise that our paints are super safe and best for a vibrant outlook.

Made In India

Keeping in mind the Make in India scheme, Pexpo is excited to share that each Kayo bottle cum shaker is made in India. From the PP plastic cap to the blending ball, from the 3x powder coating to the SS 201 single wall, everything is done by engineers in India. We have also taken hold of the idea to create eco-friendly Kayo shakers. Say no to plastic, save the planet, and stay energetic during your workouts by sipping your shake in our durable, convenient, and stylish Kayo product.

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