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Fusion - Insulated Stainless Steel Flask With an Additional Cup

Fusion - Insulated Stainless Steel Flask With an Additional Cup

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Multifunctional Flask with An Additional Cup

Do you wish to enjoy your steaming hot tea or coffee from your bottle but missed bringing a cup? Take no worries as this Fusion bottle has a cup under it, and no, it is not as same as the lid cum cup thingy; it is a separate SS 304 component of this flask besides the primary lid. Fusion by Pexpo is one of the most distinctive products because the bottle comes with a dry compartment attached below the bottle for your convenience. You will not have to carry extra cups to a picnic or office if you have our double-walled, vacuum insulated, and tri-ply tech Fusion bottle. Just use the additional cup to drink your favorite beverage stored at the same hot or cold temperature without spilling here and there.

We know you have always wanted a mechanism where your beverage remains as hot/ cold as you had filled it with. Pexpo engineers have heard you and created SS 304 bottles with dual walls that are capable enough to keep water, tea, coffee, shakes, smoothies, etc. cold or hot for more than 24 hours. We have used tri-ply tech where three layers- stainless steel, aluminum, stainless steel preserve the temperature in its original state. The stainless steel 304 used herein will never get rusted; so, use the Fusion bottle without rusting doubts. The makers have included vacuum insulation to add more surety to this temperature-preservation feature.

Long-lasting Aesthetics with 3x Powder Color Coating

We know that people often face disappointment when the color of bought products begins to disappear. Pexpo promises that your Fusion bottle will remain of the same vibrant red, blue, black, or steel color as it was on the day when you unpacked it. This is possible because we use a 3x powder color coating system which is three times thicker. Even the temperature of the beverage will not change the color of our double-walled Fusion flask. Our professionals do the coating with safe paints and great strength. The added benefit of this 3x powder color technique is that it makes the grip better. Thus, our Fusion tri-ply vacuum insulated bottle also comes with long-lasting color and non-slippery touch.

Convenient Design

Enjoy this cylindrical flask with a slender design that makes each sip free from spilling anxieties. With 3x powder color coating’s strong grip and the stainless steel bottle’s narrow neck, pouring beverage will become super easy and clutter-free. Therefore, our product has appreciative features like leak-proof, odorless, easy pouring, strong grip, and durability. Besides the top securely screwed lid, you also have a cup of 250ml other than the 700 ml beverage capacity of the Fusion bottle. Just remove the underneath stainless steel 304 cap and use it as a cup whenever you wish to drink your tasty hot tea, coffee, etc.

Made In India

It is our absolute delight to tell you that Fusion stainless steel 304 bottles with tri-ply tech and vacuum insulation with double walls are entirely made in India. This flask has a capacity of 950 ml (700 ml + detachable cup 250 ml) and has every component of Indian origin only. None of the foreign makers have even an iota of say or make in our Fusion bottle. From the materials of the inside tri-ply layers to the outside color coating, everything is Indian-built.

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