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Flamingo - Leak-Proof Insulated Stainless Steel Flask With Flip Cap

Flamingo - Leak-Proof Insulated Stainless Steel Flask With Flip Cap 111

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Multipurpose Value

From an office attendant to a schoolgoer, from a gym enthusiast to a playful kid, anybody can use our Flamingo stainless steel bottle for any specific drinking purpose. The reason why you will love this version of the bottle is that your beverage will remain cold for more than a day and hot for more than half a day. Thus, you can always enjoy the right temperature of the tea, coffee, water, etc. whenever desired due to the double walls therein; they prevent the temperature from changing for several hours of the day. The jute bag comes with this leakproof bottle that further makes our Flamingo bottle easy to carry to the gym, school, work, or any other place. 

Triply Tech + Stainless Steel

Pexpo is determined to give you the experience of hot and cold beverages; thus, the creators of Flamingo bottles have made sure to infuse the best technology therein. We are utterly sure of your drink to be of the temperature as same as you had poured in. This was made possible due to the tri-ply tech in this SS 304 bottle. The three layers (stainless steel, aluminum, and stainless steel) do not let the coolness or hotness escape. Vacuum insulation is another enhancement used in the making of this product that keeps the temperature intact.   Also, you will be glad to know that the Flamingo stainless steel bottle is resistant to corrosion. So, use it without such worries.

3x Powder Color Coating

The list of the wowing composition does not end here; you will appreciate the 3x powder color coating in our Flamingo tri-ply tech stainless steel bottle. The advantage here for you is that your dear bottle will not lose its color even after being used for a while. Even the temperature of the beverage will not affect the shade at all. Our 3x coating is capable enough to prevent the color from coming off the bottle and it will also add to the strength of the grip. We use friendly colors so that you do not have to worry about its safety.

Convenient Design

We have kept the Flamingo bottle in a cylindrical shape for a convenient holding each time. Enjoy a secured closing with the screwed cap; the bonus is that you can use the SS 304 cup as a sip-cup also. Easy to pour and strong to hold, this is how your Flamingo stainless steel bottle will be when it comes to design convenience. Leak-proof and odorless are other highlights of all bottles by Pexpo. Not to forget, the vacuum insulation plays a crucial role here also because it will not let your fingers suffer the hotness or coldness of the beverage therein. The jute bag is indeed an admirable addition to enable easy carrying.

Made In India

Pexpo takes pride in saying that each Flamingo tri-ply stainless steel bottle is fully Indian-made. From cap to bottom, from interior to exterior, each part is manufactured in India. We do not source any component from China or other nations with the mission to expand the Make in India scheme. We take a step ahead for the betterment of the environment; we ensure eco-friendly manufacturing at every step.

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