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Duro SS Water Bottle with Sipper Cap

Duro SS Water Bottle with Sipper Cap 111

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Plenty of easy-to-use features for kids and adults

It does not matter if you are a young biker or a work-from-home kind of person, this stainless steel bottle is suitable for anybody wanting to stay hydrated. Available in two sizes 750ml and 1000ml, Monaco is sure to quench your thirst in a gym, office, bedroom, park, school, or anywhere else. Its long and narrow neck will give you the advantage of convenient holding. Pexpo uses a 3x powder coating that gives a stronger grip on the bottle; thus, making it anti-sweat. Check out the sipper cap as an alternative to the regular cap for easy drinking.

Assurance of long-lasting colors and better grip

At Pexpo, our designers and makers understand the expectations of the users about having a product remain of the same color throughout. You can pick any color of Monaco among the available blue, red, back, and silver; we assure you safe and strong paints that will not fade away any soon. Each inch is painted with a 3x powder coating that is three times thicker than the regular colors. Resultantly, our bottles continue to glorify with vibrant colors for a long time. This tech also provides a strong grip for a sweat-free experience.

Fast cooling fridge bottle like no other

Our durable and eco-friendly Monaco steel flask is going to make your beverage chilled in a duration lesser than you could think of. Thanks to the single wall element therein that has made it possible for us to offer you a fast cooling fridge bottle. Since there are no thick barriers or double walls; the mechanism in your refrigerator makes the temperature of the beverage in the Monaco bottle drop quickly. Thus, you get to sip on your chilled juice, smoothie, water, and other summer drinks satisfactorily.

Made according to the industry grades

Pexpo is very serious about using only the approved food graded materials; therefore, we have used only industrial-standard steel and plastic in the making of Monaco water bottles. The exterior body, internal single wall, and the regular cap are made of stainless steel 201. Durable and non-corrosive, that is the appropriate description for our SS 201 engineering. Even the optional sipper cap is made of PP or Polypropylene which is considered the safest plastic for food or beverage containers. Our Monaco bottles are BPA- free and 100% safe for all.

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