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BOLERO – Stainless Steel Vacuum Insulated Warm & Cold Stainless Steel Water Bottle

BOLERO – Stainless Steel Vacuum Insulated Warm & Cold Stainless Steel Water Bottle 111

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A unique combo of single-wall and vacuum insulation

People love having bottles that can keep their beverages hot or cold as per their choice for a long time. However, this requires extra and heavy layers of walls, steel, aluminum, etc. which make the bottles bulky. But, Pexpo is here as your thoughtful flask manufacturer with the Stereo option. The single wall used herein ensures that your bottle is super light in weight to carry anywhere. We have clubbed the same with vacuum insulation to keep your teas, coffees, smoothies, shakes, etc. hot/ cold as you like. Go ahead, and grab yourself this wowing combo of single wall’s lightweight and vacuum insulation’s temperature retention with our Stereo thermo bottle.

Specific attention is given to kids while making Stereo

Kids always want something designed for them specially and Pexpo makers present Stereo bottles for them. As a parent, you will be relieved to know that this product is eco-friendly and BPA-free; thus, 100% safe for your little one. Even your young learner can carry this lightweight to schools or parks without being clumsy; our Stereo bottle/cap is leak-proof. Your kid is going to love the vibrant and lasting color of the bottle. We use only safe and 3x powder coating paints so that you or your kid can use the bottle without worrying about color fading.

Strict about industry standards and quality material

We understand that you are concerned about the material of the bottle. Pexpo has come up with a point of relief for you after thorough testing and precise execution. Each Stereo bottle is packed after having gone through the acceptable benchmarks laid down by the official authorities which are BIS (IS 17526: 2021) and an International standard (EN 12546). Also, we are strict about using only 14/1 SS 201 while making the body and cap of our Stereo insulated water bottles. All deliveries will be durable and anti-corrosive.

Points to enhance the overall value

Our vacuum insulated, the single-walled Stereo bottle is Vacuum insulation is also great for those wanting to chill their favorite beverage in less time by keeping it in the fridge. The stereo hot and cold water bottle is easy to carry not only because of its lightweight but also because of the attached cotton carry belt. The size and shape are designed in a way to make this bottle easy to fit in the bag’s side pocket. The wide mouth allows easy pouring. You will also love the bottle for being odorless and durable.

Made In India

Given the awareness about using products manufactured in India, it is high time that we all stop using Chinese products. Thus, it is our absolute joy to be an Indian bottle manufacturer wholeheartedly. Stereo bottles are made fully with Indian materials and parts. Also, our processes, materials, and everything else are targeted towards achieving a sustainable and eco-friendly steel water bottle manufacturing business.

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