Why Is There A Specific Amount For Daily Water Intake?

Why Is There A Specific Amount For Daily Water Intake?

Be it a doctor or a dietitian, a gym instructor, or a health article, everybody is going to tell you to drink enough water. Suggestions begin with a minimum of eight glasses of fluid for an average adult and end at increasing or decreasing the amount according to age, gender, weight, weather, illness, and other material factors.

But, the fact is that there is a specific or at least a suggestion about the minimum water intake for all. Athletes, gym goers, and other physical workouts demand more water. Kids, on the other hand, have lesser water consumption requirements. Here is a look at the common suggestions in this regard.



4- 8 years   Girls and boys 07
9- 13 years   Girls 09
9- 13 years   Boys 10
14- 18 years Girls   10
14- 18 years   Boys 14
Adults over 18   Women 11
Adults over 18   Men 15

The question here is why do we have such a specific number? Is it compulsory? Can a person deviate from the given number of glasses to be consumed each day?

Expert opinion

Well, we resorted to answers by reliable people for these answers and Sherri Hoyt is one among them. Sherri is a registered dietitian, a nutritionist, and also an outpatient nutrition counselor at Missouri Baptist Medical Center in St. Louis, Missouri. According to Sherri, the reason why we have a specific amount for daily water intake is that our bodies use and lose water each day in one or the other task; thus, it becomes crucial to feed the bodies again with enough water for smooth functioning and other health benefits. Daily and normal processes like urination, sweating, exercising, breastfeeding, and every small task use water stored in our bodies. So, we have to keep giving our bodies the consumed water. This is the reason why we should consume the suggested number of glasses of water or other beverages daily.

More details

Not consuming water as per the recommended amount can invite health problems. It can get worse to the level of medical emergency further calling for doctor attention and even hospital care. Blood pressure levels may fall down if you do not drink water or other fluids sufficiently. Thus, the lack of water prevents the flow of blood to the brain. All this in turn can cause problems like nausea, dizziness, suffocation, and more.

Dehydration is a serious issue that happens due to water intake lesser than the standard or recommended amount. Insufficient water in the body will disrupt the entire functioning of the body. Food, nutrients, blood, oxygen, and other crucial elements will not reach each part of the body.

Consuming water as per the specific amount daily will derive you a plethora of health benefits. Some of them are listed herein.

  • Healthy skin
  • Better digestion
  • Cushioning joints
  • Regulated temperature of the body
  • Balanced blood pressure levels
  • Flushing out toxins and bacteria
  • Carrying nutrients and oxygen to body cells

Now, to answer why more physical activities demand more water, the reply is that playing sports, working out, doing laborious tasks, etc. cause a person to sweat more; thus, he or she is losing more water. This is why athletes or otherwise physically active people have to consume more water or fluids to meet their daily hydration needs.

Choose between a fridge and insulated water bottle as per your need; however, remember to always use only the steel option for BPA free, safe, and favorable experiences. Drink water and stay healthy!


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