Which Is The Best Grade For Stainless Steel Water Bottles?

Which Is The Best Grade For Stainless Steel Water Bottles?

Have you ever wondered about the gradation of stainless steel in your water bottles or lunch boxes? Or have you paid close attention to the words SS 304 where SS implies stainless steel and the numerical beside it indicates the grade? What are they and why are they important? Well, these grades are integral because they ensure the anti-corrosion property of the product you are using or buying. Everybody wants to purchase a steel product that assures a long, undamaged, and anti-corrosive companionship. So, if you also want value for money and such lasting perks, you must know about SS 304 or stainless steel 304.

If you were clueless about this till today or if you were not having sufficient info about this lingo, this post will enlighten you quickly and easily. Let’s dig into this crucial topic together for your safe experience with stainless steel products.

What are stainless steel and its gradation?

It is true that all types of steel products have iron and carbon elements in them. But, when it comes to stainless steel, it is different because of the additional chromium element in it. It is this extra component of chromium that makes stainless steel anti-corrosive. So, when steel is mixed with different concentrations of chromium, it is given a unique grade for standardized recognition.

Usually, stainless steel contains 10.5 percent of chromium mandatorily without saying at the minimum range. However, more contribution of chromium can also be used by some manufacturers for a better product. Such changes in chromium contributions are termed as gradation of stainless steel.

Which is the best grade for stainless steel water bottles?

You are most likely to come across grades 304 and 316 for stainless steel products. The only and most crucial point of difference between these grades is the presence of molybdenum in SS 316. Molybdenum is an alloy immensely responsible for bringing a significant ability to resist corrosion, especially in saline or chloride matters.

Before proceeding further, it is imperative to convey that it will be wrong to presume that SS 316 is always better because it has molybdenum. Molybdenum is not needed in every product; therefore, the absence of molybdenum is acceptable in plenty of situations like water bottles, tiffin containers, etc. Molybdenum is needed only when the product is prone to chloride exposure. Thus, your stainless steel bottle does not need this extra alloy making 304 the best grade for bottles and lunchboxes.

  • SS 304 for a water bottle and tiffin box is better because it is more economical as compared to SS 316.

  • SS 304 is highly efficient in resisting corrosion due to its strong composition including chromium, nickel, and other elements like carbon, manganese, etc.

  • SS 304 is capable of keeping it tough with oxidizing acids which eventually makes the product easy to maintain and ideal for food applications.

Stainless steel 316 is only required when you are targeting corrosion resistance from chloride solution or saline environment. Therefore, stainless steel 304 is the best grade for a stainless steel water bottle. So, the next time you are buying a water bottle or tiffin container, make sure that you notice SS 304 as one of its key features.


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