Which Bottle Is Best For Which Type Of Beverage?

Which Bottle Is Best For Which Type Of Beverage?

Have you ever wondered if there is a specific type of bottle for a particular beverage? After all, the bottle manufacturers keep introducing better and new designs after in-depth search. Makers are not putting in the effort, time, and money in coming up with the most suitable design unnecessarily; there has to be some reason behind selecting the wall, design, size, material, or other components of the water bottles.

Which bottle is best for which type of beverage?

Let us know the right bottle for sipping hot brews, cold beverages, flavored drinks, energy boosters, and even plain water.

Plain water

If you are using plastic bottles to keep yourself hydrated throughout the day, you are probably making a big mistake. Plastic has BPA or Bisphenol A in it which is infamous for being a toxic compound; it can contaminate even plain water at room temperature. So, you should switch to a better option which is stainless steel even for plain water. Usually, a fridge bottle like Bistro, Chromo, Vertigo, Duro, Monaco, etc. is a good recommendation here.

Extra flavor

There are many people who cannot have plain water; they like to squeeze a lemon, add honey, flavorsome powders, etc. available in the market. Using a plastic bottle for lemonade or other flavored beverage will spoil your bottle and beverage both. Also, plastic tends to soak the smell of the beverage, lemon, powder, etc. which you will continue smelling oddly always. So, our advice is to avoid plastic and use steel bottles while adding extra flavors.

Cold/ hot beverages

If you prefer warm water or cold water, you might have been struggling with finding a bottle that maintains the temperature of the water for a few hours at least. If so, you will love an insulated bottle like Stereo 900 and Bistro to enjoy warmth or coldness for some time. But, if you want to sip hot teas, cold coffees, or other drinks for more than 24 hours, opt for bottles with tri-ply tech like Electro, Flamingo, Ferrero, and more by Pexpo.

Sports or energy drinks

Last, but not the least on this list is energy drinks loved by athletes, sports players, gym goers, and fitness freaks. You will appreciate having the specifically manufactured sports bottles like Oslo, Genro, Bravo, Oreo, and more. If you like adding whey or protein powder, you must invest in a fantastic shaker like Kayo from Pexpo makers for no lumps and smooth consistency. Their 3x powder color coating will help you in getting a sweat-free and non-slippery grip after sweating out extensively.


Manufacturers are coming up with uniquely designed bottles with one or the other advanced tech like tri-ply, double wall, blender spring, etc. just for you; take the most advantage! Select the bottle according to your beverage routine and purpose for gladdening experiences.

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