Five Types of Water Bottles with Features, Pros & Cons

Five Types of Water Bottles with Features, Pros & Cons

Do you remember your old school days when even simple yet essential items like water bottles meant a lot? Back then, water bottles were not just containers for hydration but our companions during the long school days.

Also, do you remember when you used to wait eagerly for the break so that you could rush to the water cooler, have some chit-chat with your friends, and come back into your classroom happily? Well, that clinging sound of filling the water bottles and even the refreshing taste of the cold water were part of the cherished school days. Do you agree?

Today, ample school water bottles are designed to cater to the various needs of school children. They are equipped with unique and fancy features, each with pros and cons. 

In the following blog, we will uncover a few questions that might be on your mind, such as: What are the various types of water bottles available? What are their unique features? What are the pros and cons of each type of water bottle? So, are you ready to embark on this exploration journey with us? Let's get started.

Are Water Bottles Just for School Children?

The use of a water bottle isn't just limited to schoolchildren. Instead, water bottles serve as a proper tool that fulfills the hydration goals for children and adults. As adults, we face a life filled with busy work schedules, tiresome workout sessions, and even some other activities throughout the day. In such scenarios, a water bottle would ensure overall well-being and a healthy lifestyle. 

Whether you're in between your busy work schedule at the office, at the gym, or even somewhere else, a water bottle is something you should always keep aside. It ensures that you have easy access to water, which helps you stay refreshed and even improves your focus on activities. Additionally, it helps to maintain your mental health so that it functions at its optimal stage. 

5 Different Types of Water Bottles

There are various types of water bottles based on individual preferences and needs. Here are five different types of water bottles, along with their pros and cons discussed below:

#1. Stainless Steel Water Bottle

The good thing about stainless steel water bottles is that they are majorly non-reactive. With this, we mean that these bottles don't interact with the contents, which further ensures that the taste of the water remains unchanged. Also, this kind of bottle eliminates threats such as BPA (Bisphenol A), commonly found in some plastics.


  • Stainless steel water bottles can withstand harsh handling.
  • These types of water bottles are easy to maintain and clean every day. 


  • Although these types of water bottles are safe for health, they are relatively heavier than plastic bottles. This can be a concern for those looking for lightweight water bottle options. 

#2. Plastic Water Bottle

Plastic water bottles are the most cost-effective type and hence fall under the "budget-friendly" options category. Additionally, plastic water bottles are lightweight and easy to carry around. Furthermore, plastic bottles can be used daily if not for office use.


  • Plastic water bottles are durable and flexible.
  • They can withstand shattering and accidental drops.


  • Plastic bottles are prone to various types of chemical usage. They also voice various concerns and threats regarding safety when exposed to extreme sunlight.

#3. Glass Water Bottle

Unlike other bottle options, Glass water bottles are considered a premium option because of their aesthetic appeal. Although they are heavy-weighted, they are probably available in various designs and textures so that you can add a touch of style to your hydration regime.


  • Glass is inert, which means that it would not react with water. It would also ensure that the taste of water remains unchanged and pure. 


  • Owning a glass bottle requires more attention and care as it is more fragile than the other options. Moreover, if you're looking for a more weight-friendly option, glass bottles might not be meant for you.

#4. Vacuum Insulated Water Bottle

Suppose you are looking for water bottles that can keep the water and other contents hot or cold. In that case, you should go with vacuum-insulated water bottles. They can keep the water cold or hot for an extended period, making them ideal for travel-related purposes.


  • These bottles offer temperature retention, meaning they can be kept hot or cold for long hours. This particular characteristic is advantageous during long journeys.


  • It is relatively expensive compared to other non-insulated kinds of bottles.
  • Typically, a heavier water option is needed due to the insulation technology.

#5. Collapsible Water Bottle

Collapsible water bottles are designed to be space-saving and compact. They are made of flexible materials and can even be folded up when not in use.


  • As these bottles are flexible, they provide convenience during long travels. 
  • These can even act friendly when you have limited storage space to store water bottles.


  • These water bottles may not be as durable as the other types of bottles.
  • These bottles are even prone to leakage if proper handling is not followed.

How Much Water Do You Need In a Day?

The individual's daily water intake depends on factors such as climate change, age, body weight, activity level, and other generic factors. 

However, general guidelines recommend aiming for at least 2-3 litres (8-12 cups) of water daily. This intake can be water or other fluids, such as foods and beverages.


Keeping yourself hydrated is one of the best ways to maintain overall health and wellness. It cannot be denied that water intake is crucial for various bodily functions, like aiding digestion, transporting nutrients to the body, flushing out toxic components from the body, and even regulating the body temperature.

Proper hydration supports other factors such as athletic performance, stability in mood, and cognitive functions. If your body is not properly hydrated, it's dehydrated, which may lead to decreased focus, fatigue, severe migraines, or headaches, among other severe health factors.

To keep your health in optimal condition, use high-quality water bottles, such as those offered by Pexpo. We have a wide range of bottles that ensure durability and style while helping you stay hydrated throughout the day.

Check out Pexpo's range of water bottles today and prioritize hydration!

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