The Joys Of Having Insulated Water Bottle From Pexpo

The Joys Of Having Insulated Water Bottle From Pexpo

There are plenty of essentials a person has to carry to their office, school, gym, drive, and other places. One of the most useful and required products is a stainless steel bottle. And, it must be noted that a water bottle is not just for outside usage but for home usage also. Having such a quality companion for your beverages will ensure that you stay hydrated, relaxed, and energetic throughout. But, the question is why one manufacturer is better than the other?

If you have been wondering the same, we are here to present the simplest yet catchiest answers for you. Here are some of the quick checkpoints you will love about having an insulated water bottle from Pexpo instead of the other bottle makers.

Hot and cold beverages

Yes, you read that right; if you are going ahead with Pexpo insulated or tri-ply water bottles, you are going to have the edge of hot/ cold beverages for several hours. Thus, you will stay fresh with chilled drinks in the summers and cozy with warm beverages in the winters. Pexpo bottles with double wall, insulation, and tri-ply tech are capable of preventing temperature leakage so that you can sip your favorite beverage at the right hotness or coldness.

No worries about odor or leakage

Does it not get disappointing when your dear water bottle begins to leave a peculiar smell? Or, how about the ugly experience of having your beverage spilled all over because of a poorly-engineered bottle? Well, Pexpo promises to never put you through either of these unacceptable situations. Our bottles are odorless and leak-proof. The lids are insulated and have a strong locking system. You can travel and trek with our bottles worry-free.

Trust of industry standards

You must take strict note of the industry standards followed by the manufacturer buying a food or beverage container. It is so because you will consume food or drink stored in a particular container; if the container is unsafe, there is a high probability of your food or beverage also getting contaminated. Pexpo is proud to use only approved industrial methods, graded stainless steel, and standardized processing while engineering each bottle for you.

Umpteen choices in size

We understand that buyers have different likings even if it is a water bottle. Thus, we have tried our best to make available something for everyone. Pexpo has already launched different bottle types designed exclusively for kids, travelers, gym goers, office attendants, sports lovers, and other users. You are free to choose your type of steel bottle available in different capacity sizes and trending colors as per your requirement.

Attractive and lasting looks

As a buyer, it is of utmost importance that their bought product sticks around for a long period. People were earlier not very happy with their bottles losing their color and charm. This is where we felt it necessary to launch something productive and promising to each one of you. Thus, we started layering each Pexpo bottle’s exterior with 3 x powder coating. Resultantly, our bottles stay attractive and colorful for a long time. This coating also ensures a sweat-free grip.

Made in India product

To add another point of leverage, it is our topmost pleasure to announce that we are wholly Made in India bottle creators. None of our bottles or its part is from any other foreign territory; we design everything from scratch in the local geographical territory of India. It is our absolute delight to be Indian manufacturers purely. So, when you buy a Pexpo bottle, you have the assurance of spending your dear money on an Indian and not a Chinese or foreign product.

Buy Pexpo bottles for all these goodies!

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