Stainless Steel Vs Aluminium- Which Material Should Store Your Drinks?

Stainless Steel Vs Aluminium- Which Material Should Store Your Drinks?

Global warming is at a rise. The environmental impact of the human lifestyle is no surprise anymore. Everyone is concerned about where our planet is headed, and to be honest, we are almost too late for a pivot towards a sustainable lifestyle. But the good news is, ‘almost’ is the keyword. We can still shift to a sustainable lifestyle to support the other environment preservation techniques out there. 

This is why it is important to move towards sustainable materials & this is where stainless steel vs. Aluminium debate gets in. Which one is a better choice for a water bottle material? Let’s find out.

Durable is better than Supreme

When it comes to choosing the right water bottle material for environmental conservation, reusability and durability are more important than quality or any other aesthetic factor. Our best pick would be the material that is easy to recycle and lasts longer.

  • Stainless Steel is more durable 

Stainless Steel is strong and durable because it is a strong iron, carbon, and chromium alloy. It is also sometimes combined with nickel and molybdenum for additional strength. However, the concern is that it takes a lot of energy to produce. Its long lifespan and 100% recyclability justify this energy intake.

  • Aluminium is more recyclable

Aluminium, on the other hand, may not be the strongest material, but it takes 95% less energy than Steel to be recycled. This difference puts it pretty high up on the sustainability scale. Again, the lightweight nature and high portability make it preferable for some people in the stainless Steel vs aluminium debate.

Choose the one that’s lighter to carry

Now that we have determined which material is better for the environment, we also need to illuminate aspects that make this material usable. No lifestyle choice can be sustainable if you can’t continue it longer. Weight and portability are among the most important practical aspects of all the water bottle features.

  • Stainless Steel is heavy

One of the struggles people face when they store their beverages in stainless steel water bottles is the weight. While durable, stainless Steel is also pretty heavy compared to Aluminium. 

  • Aluminium is portable

Aluminium bottles are significantly lighter, and this weight advantage can make a big difference when you carry your bottle for extended periods. So, if portability is your priority, Aluminium might be your perfect match.

Keep Your Safety In Mind

The material should also be safe for human use. Any material that harms the body will ultimately harm the environment. 

  • Stainless Steel is mostly unreactive

The good news is that stainless Steel is the most unreactive, and that’s why it is safe for the environment and your body at the same time. The metal doesn’t get into your beverage and can even hold hotter drinks. Food-grade Steel is your best choice for water bottles.

  • Aluminium requires an inner lining

Aluminium bottles require a protective inner lining to prevent the metal from interacting with acidic or alkaline beverages. This interaction can cause the metal to enter your drink and harm the body. Choosing a BPA-free inner lining is ideal for these bottles.

Does Your Choice Of Material Keep Your Beverage Hot/ Cold

Now, when you are choosing bottles other than those made of plastic, it can be a cherry on top to go for the ones that also keep your beverages at their original temperature for longer.

  • Stainless Steel keeps your drinks cold/ hot for long

Most stainless steel bottles use double or triple-wall insulation. This technology can keep your drinks at their original temperatures for up to 24 hours or 12 hours. This amazing feature sets the material apart in the stainless Steel vs. aluminium debate.

  • Aluminium may not be the best insulator. 

One of the biggest problems with using aluminium water bottles to store beverages is that the material could be a better insulator. It is nowhere near its competitor—Stainless Steel. The beverages may stay at the same temperature for some time but not longer.

Don’t Let Your Choice Burn A Hole In Your Pocket

Another important aspect is cost. Any choice that burns a hole in your pocket can’t be sustainable.

  • Stainless Steel is the more expensive choice

Stainless Steel is the most expensive material in this debate on stainless Steel vs. Aluminium. This is because of the raw materials and the amount of energy required to produce it.

  • Aluminium is better for the pocket.

Aluminium bottles are also considered more often because of their affordability. Most people find stainless Steel pretty expensive and, hence, shy away from investing in it. With Aluminium, you can learn the benefits of using reusable water bottles and save a lot of money.


All these factors contribute majorly to the choice and determine whether your choice is correct. The star pick in the stainless Steel vs aluminium debate is stainless Steel. This is why Pexpo has an abundant range of some of the best stainless steel water bottles in the market.

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