Spilling Beans About The Process Of 3 X Powder Coating On Steel Bottles.

Spilling Beans About The Process Of 3 X Powder Coating On Steel Bottles.

Technology has made it amply possible to provide buyers with improved products in different spheres and a stainless steel bottle is not away from such perks. Pexpo designers paid attention to a very interesting expectation of each water bottle user, which was about the longevity and strength of the bottle’s color. This is when the designers here considered it the right time to introduce and use the power of 3 x powder coating on all stainless steel products.

As a user of a steel bottle and tiffin box, you must know what this technique is all about. We feel obligated to you to share details about everything we do to your product and this post is in the same reference.  So, let’s wait no more and dig into the concept of 3 x powder coating used on each bottle and tiffin container by Pexpo. The included steps under this technique are as follows.

Step 1. Pre-treatment- Preparing the product surface

It was observed that painting any product without cleaning it was resulting in uneven and asymmetrical coatings. Blotches and thick spots became common.This is when it was realized that one should clean the exterior of the product before proceeding. We also clean each Pexpo product as the first stage of 3 x powder coating.

We make sure to clean each stainless steel bottle and tiffin box at the first instance to get rid of every dust particle. Then begins the main pre-treatment part where the surface is prepared for a smooth coating and stronger adhesion with the help of a harmless chemical.

Step 2. During treatment- Doing the coating precisely

People look for variety while purchasing food and water containers. Kids love bright and peppy colors while office goers prefer subtle and formal shades. Thus, it is necessary to take such expectations of the market into consideration while choosing the color of the coating in this second stage of 3 x powder coating.

After removing dirt and grit, it is now time to execute the second stage of this color technique. We take into account the color and technical specifications wherever required. The crucial part of this step is that the one has to protect certain parts that are to be accessorized later, for example, belt holes, cap rims, etc.

Step 3. Post-treatment- Letting the layering cool down

Finally, after coloring the steel bottle, it is time to cure and cool down the same. This third stage of 3 x powder coating is also very crucial as it would determine the look of the final product which should be nothing but flawless. It consists of two sub-stages which are curing and cooling.

The curing phase requires keen attention and temperature controlling mechanism for the best results. Our team takes due notice of the temperature and duration to avoid any undesired results. Then, it becomes essential to let everything cool down so as to allow the layer to settle down sturdily.

And done! This is how the 3 x powder coating process works to make your bottle and lunchbox by Pexpo look attractive. Not to forget, we keep inspecting and running quality checks at each stage to eliminate any chance of error. Be it about the interior or exterior, we are highly dedicated to making everything nothing short of perfect for you.

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