5 Inexpensive And Eco-Friendly Products All Of Us Must Have

5 Inexpensive And Eco-Friendly Products All Of Us Must Have

We all keep talking about the dire need to take protective measures to save the planet. Everybody shows immeasurable enthusiasm while writing or speaking about a such sensitive topic, but it is very saddening that only a few people are actively taking action. It is our duty to take care of our motherland and our planet in whatever possible ways. All of us must stop using products that are harmful to our earth and plastic products indeed are the top dangerous products right now.

If we wish to preserve our easy living, support the existence of marine lives, and protect other species, we have to start today. And, what if we tell you that you can be a contributing hero just by changing your shopping choices easily?

Yes, you read that right! It is very easy to take reformative steps and protect our only Earth. You may begin by choosing eco-friendly products instead of harmful options. We must have the following eco-friendly products that are not even expensive.

  • Ecological water bottle

Plastic is infamous for being an unsustainable option and unfortunately, billions of plastic bottles are sold every year in the entire world. We can ditch this typical and environment-harming material and use stainless steel water bottles. Steel is a safe and eco-friendly material as it does not have toxins harmful to the earth’s health. It is high time that we stop contributing to the never-ending heap of dumped plastic bottles. Let’s shop and use steel bottles now.

  • Insulated lunchbox

Besides bottles, we can also switch to the steel lunch boxes. Lately, the trend of single-use plastic food containers is at its peak which is quite harmful to the environment. We can easily prevent this damage by carrying steel tiffin boxes to offices, schools, picnics, or anywhere else. One should not feel hesitant for carrying their eco-friendly steel containers and asking the canteen or eatery owner to pack outside food in your sustainable lunchboxes only.

  • Reusable straws

You must have seen or used paper straws as a greener option than plastic straws. Even restaurants, cafes, and other food/ beverage companies have started giving paper straws in the wake of planet health and social responsibility. However, the paper option is not very convenient as the paper is prone to wear and tear due to the liquid nature of the beverages. So, how about always carrying steel straws; they will not take up much space in your bag also.

  • Steel cutleries

Go ahead and take that extra step by opting for steel cutlery besides the bottle, lunchbox, and straw. It is very common to buy disposable cutlery when you are traveling or ordering food. We can always carry our own reusable steel or bamboo cutlery wherever we go. It does not even need a lot of space in your bag; just slide it or keep it on top of any other thing in your backpack or handbag. Let’s do this to save marine lives and the entire planet.

  • Non-plastic grocery bags

Another horrifying step done by all of us is to use plastic bags or ask for plastic carry bags while buying fruits, vegetables, milk, grocery, or anything else. Even if some stores ask for extra charges (which was done to discourage shoppers to ask for plastic bags), people do not mind spending a rupee or two. The need now is to carry our own cotton, jute, or other eco-friendly bags to any market so that we stop asking for plastic bags.


The only required thing from you is that you switch from plastic material to other lasting and safe substitutes like stainless steel for bottles, straws, tiffin boxes, etc., and cotton/ jute for bags. Adopting these small changes will definitely make a huge difference in the betterment of our only dear planet Earth. Let’s together bring this change.


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