Make Your Workouts Effective With Hot Water In Steel Insulated Bottles

Make Your Workouts Effective With Hot Water In Steel Insulated Bottles

There is no denying the fact that intense workouts drain every bit of energy in you and drinking water comes as a perfect solution for energy restoration. Even if you are not exercising intensively, power yoga, simple yoga, or even light exercises can make the doer feel thirsty. Everybody’s instant reflex action during or after such physical activities is to have water.

But, hey! What if we tell you that you can improve your overall performance just by changing the temperature of the water you are about to have?

Yes, you can improve your energy levels, expedite your recovery period, and exercise well by consuming warm water instead of chilled or even room temperature water. Even several studies agree with this statement and have found that warm water can bring more benefits after or during exercise routines.

So, if you want to shed extra kilos or perform one more set of exercises unwaveringly, you can try sipping warm water for better results.

Makes muscles perform better

When you drink warm better, the muscles feel relaxed that in turn enables you to exercise with more power. No wonder why athletes and sports players prefer hot showers right before their important events; warm water improves your physical activities. So, if you also want to do extra pushups, crunches, and other gym tasks, consider having warm water.

The extra tip is to use steel bottles with insulation or tri-ply tech that ensures to keep water or other drinks warm for a long time.

Helps in losing weight soon

It may be a highly debatable topic where some people believe hot water helps in melting fat, while others only call it a gimmick. However, many studies support that hot water can help in losing weight and inches, you may refer to one of the studies here which was done on 14 people with a favorable decision.

Hot water is said to break down fat and mobilize the fat into molecules for easy burning later. Use insulated or tri-ply sports bottles by Pexpo for warm water.

Alleviates workout cramps

We all have been there when we do workouts after a long time or push our bodies’ limits in a gym and feel cramps later. Body aches and cramps can become quite discomforting that may even give you an excuse to take a day off from your exercise routine. Warm water can come to your rescue here also by easing your cramp discomforts.

The reason is that hot water is said to calm one’s nervous system. Eventually, a calmer nervous system diminishes the sensation of pain and cramps.

Key takeaway

So, it is amply clear from the above three points that warm water can help every fitness enthusiast or gym freak in bettering their performance, tackling cramp pains, and losing body weight. Using typical bottles will cause temperature leakage and your water or other beverage will not stay warm for more than a few minutes.

The best solution here is to have an insulated steel bottle to keep water warm till the end of your workout. And, if you wish to maintain the higher temperature of your beverage for 24 hours or more, switch to tri-ply bottles.

Stereo 900 and Bistro by Pexpo are available as the insulation option, whereas Electro, Bravo, Echo, Flamingo, and Ferrero are from the advanced tri-ply category.

Improve your workouts by drinking warm water in a safer steel option instead of the plastic ones. Keep exercising!

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