Labels To Look For While Buying A Steel Water Bottle

Labels To Look For While Buying A Steel Water Bottle

The packaging and labeling of a product say a lot about the sincerity of the manufacturers and the worthiness of the products. The written material on such packages and labels conveys every bit of information to the buyers that may affect their user experience. Thus, responsible makers nowadays always try to share as many details as possible to give their buyers the assurance of a safe purchase. As a shopper, you must take a minute or two to go through the label to ensure spending money on a worthy product.

When it comes to food and beverage storing items, one needs to be extra cautious as they will determine the eating, drinking, and overall healthy living. Find below the ultimate list of labels you must look for while buying a steel water bottle.

BPA Free

Drinking water or any other beverage is supposed to contribute toward one’s health and not the other way around. So, if you want to continue enjoying the healthy and hydrating effects of drinking water, etc., you must look for a BPA- free steel water bottle. BPA is a toxic element that can cause aggravating health problems. Always buy a bottle with this BPA- free label to stay away from such toxins and health issues.

BIS Standardized

Beware if the label of the bottle you are about the purchase does not talk about BIS or other international standards. The safety and utility of any product are governed by the rules of the official authorities so that buyers do not get violated. Therefore, whenever you are buying food or beverage containers, the presence of IS 17526: 2021 and International Standards EN 12546 would be a favorable and safety- speaking attribute.


Apart from the industry standards and health-ensuring labels, you should look for other utility enhancing features as well. Many times, people end up paying money for a fridge or insulated bottle that keeps spilling the beverage. Pay special attention to this point because you do not want your bags, gadgets, documents, or anything else to get spoiled just because the bottle leaks. So, buy a bottle guaranteeing a leak-proof experience.


It is everyone’s duty to pay attention and contribute towards the betterment of the planet Earth. Given the rising temperature, adverse climatic conditions, the threat to marine life, and many other negative impacts due to our actions, it is high time that we eliminate harmful elements like plastic bottles. Thus, make it a habit to buy products like water bottles and lunchboxes with the label Eco-friendly on them; it will be good for our planet.

Made in India

Our economic improvements and employment opportunities depend a lot on our shopping habits and choice of manufacturers. Hence, another significant move would be to choose products of Indian origin. Always try to buy steel bottles, tiffin boxes, and every other product that is Made in India. Avoid spending or owning Chinese products or items of any other origin. It will indeed be an important label you must eye on.

All these labels will ensure that you are buying the best product for yourself, the planet, and the Indian economy.

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