Know Why Pexpo Outstands Other Bottle Manufacturers In The Industry

Know Why Pexpo Outstands Other Bottle Manufacturers In The Industry

When it comes to purchasing a water bottle, you are sure to find a wide range of options everywhere. Be it in a flea market or a fancy showroom, at offline stores or online sites, you will come across endless sellers. But, then you will obviously choose one among the many to complete your shopping spree.

Now, the catch here is that which seller will you stop at? Which manufacturer will you rely on for safety manufacturing? Will you go random about it?

You might have never paid attention until now while selecting a water bottle; it is time to be a wise buyer now because it is so much about ‘let the buyer be aware’ nowadays.

Let us help you in cutting your options and telling you that Pexpo can be your number one choice as a manufacturer of stainless steel bottles. Here are some reasons that you will find interesting and safe.

Made in India production

It is our extreme pleasure and delight to announce that we are a completely Made in India production house of water bottles and tiffin boxes. No part of any product offered as a Pexpo item is curated by foreign makers; everything is purely manufactured in India. Our team is keen to promote home ground makers. We are a non-Chinese company with nothing outsourced from any other nation.

Environment conscious option

We take it as our first obligation to do something for the betterment of our planet. Plastic is ruining our mother earth; it is harmful and toxic. We only make and promote the concept of having a stainless steel bottle and a lunchbox. Steel is any day a better and more sustainable option for all. Thus, shopping from us would mean that you are contributing to the welfare of the environment, flora, fauna, and the planet.

Safe and BPA-free making

Plastic, besides being a threat to the planet, it is also unsafe for kids, adults, and everybody else. So, when manufacturers offer plastic bottles, you are at risk of consuming BPA which is a harmful component known to trigger diseases and health issues. Prevent such adverse effects on your health and offer your family members a safer Pexpo option- a stainless steel fridge bottle, a tri-ply bottle, and even a tiffin container.

Admirable utility functions

Our prime highlight is tri-ply tech which can keep your favorite beverage hot or cold for more than 24 hours. The insulation used by our production team prevents temperature leakage in each bottle. We comply with industry standards like stainless steel 304/ 201 and other domestic plus international regulations. 3 x powder coating is our another proud feature. Leak-proof, odorless, easy pouring, strong grip, and durable are other perks of our bottles.

The intactness of aesthetical beauty

We know that the outlook of a product is very dear to each buyer. This is why we have not just hired a team for technical perks, but for aesthetical improvements also. You will love to flaunt our vibrantly colored bottles that are sure to never lose their charm, unlike other bottles that turn fade real quick. Have a look at our collection and you are sure to admire the different shapes suitable for all age groups.

Easy access to online shopping


Nobody has time to go out from the comforts of their homes or busy schedules of office work. Offline shopping is becoming out of date nowadays. This is why we are here to change the game by offering you stainless steel water bottles and tiffin containers online. Our online shopping windows are open 24 by 7. Our website is easy to navigate and services are easy to avail. Choose the payment option that suits you the best.

The great part is that you will never have to worry about the safety of our products; we ensure each delivery is of top-notch quality in all senses. Pexpo is all about wowing features in a compact bottle. We are always ready to bring in modifications that will improve our products and save the environment. Shop with us and let’s together protect the planet from plastic usage. Buying from us would also ensure the safe sipping of beverages each time. Support us, support local.

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