How To Select The Best Travel Bottle

How To Select The Best Travel Bottle

Does your job require you to travel here and there often? Are you an adventurous person who loves to enjoy outstation weekend getaways? Is there an upcoming official or recreational trip for you or anybody you know?

It does not matter if traveling is your hobby, job, or a sudden plan to enjoy; there are a few things you will require for sure to make your travel easier. Yes, you will pay due attention to clothes, gadgets, chargers, etc., but there is something integral that may get unnoticed- a water bottle. If you are thinking to buy water packed in plastic bottles, stop right there because plastic is harmful to your and the planet’s health as it has the toxic component Bisphenol A.

So, it is better to buy a stainless steel bottle to have the satisfaction of drinking uncontaminated beverages from a safe and industry-recognized steel material. Also, you may use the below-mentioned tips to ensure yourself a worthy travel companion to stay hydrated.

Secured lid for leak-proof traveling

While traveling, it is certain that you are carrying something important with you like office files, personal documents, electronic gadgets, clothes, etc. It is very common to have such things drenched with the beverage because of the loose lid of the bottle in your luggage. You do not want to end up in a similar mess or tragic situation. So, always ensure to buy a stainless steel bottle with a promising lock or lid. Check for a 100% leak-proof feature beforehand.

Tri-ply tech for hot and cold beverages

One of the biggest concerns for travelers is that they do not get water at their preferred temperature. Also, gets quite annoying to know that the hot tea you had poured before traveling has turned cold or a cold refreshing drink has become unbearably hot. There is no need to compromise on the warmth or coldness of your beverage even while traveling; choose an insulated water bottle. Bottles with tri-ply can keep hot drinks hot and cold ones cold for 24 hours.

Size of the bottle as per the drinking needs

You may not realize the value of this factor right at the moment until you actually travel. If you are someone habitual of gulping down more water, it is advisable to buy a steel bottle with a capacity of more than 1 liter. Also, if you are planning to go for a trek or expecting the weather of your destination to be dry or humid, it will again be necessary to carry a larger size for hydration needs. So, do keep this point in mind to avoid being thirsty.

You might also be interested in looking for the feature of easy-to-refill for added travel convenience. The reason is that sometimes people buy bottles with straws and other accessories fitted therein. Resultantly, removing them becomes a challenging task making refilling the bottle a complete mess, especially when you are in a hurry.

So, avoid plastic bottles as they are unsafe and non-sustainable; prefer stainless steel bottles having the above features for the best travel companions for hydration.

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