How To Keep Ice Cubes Frozen In A Stainless Steel Water Bottle?

How To Keep Ice Cubes Frozen In A Stainless Steel Water Bottle?

Wait! Yes, you are excited to read the last line, but you will have to wait for the best experience. You definitely do not want to get disappointed when you see the stored ice cubes in your bottle all melted. There are only a few tips and tricks you will have to embrace before executing this novel idea. All these workable tips are shared herein; read them to keep your ice cubes frozen for a long time in a water bottle.

Use the most appropriate water bottle material

You will get an array of options while choosing a water bottle material like plastic, copper, aluminum, glass, and steel. You must weigh the pros and cons of each material before making the selection. Plastic has BPA and may melt the ice cubes quickly. Copper and aluminum may leach making your ice cubes weird in taste; they may also pose melting hassles. Glass will not affect the taste but cannot keep up with the solidification. So, steel is the one for you; no BPA, no leaching, and able to maintain the temperature for ice cubes.

Prefer insulated or tri-ply tech for longer results

It is not just about being able to store ice cubes in a bottle; it is also essential to have them solidified for several hours. Are you also looking for an option that can keep your ice cubes solid for a long time? Then, you should consider a steel water bottle with tri-ply tech in it. Tri-ply is the top preferred combination of layers to maintain a stable temperature; thus, ideal for ice cubes as well. You may also choose an otherwise insulated water bottle.

Put bigger chunks instead of small ice cubes

The bigger the better, that is how it will work in your favor when it comes to storing ice cubes in a water bottle. It is just a scientific fact that smaller ice cubes melt faster than the bigger chunks. If you do not have an ice tray with large blocks, you can freeze water in another big suitable bowl and later break the one giant piece into medium-sized cubes; do not break them into way to smaller ones.

Ensure the bottle is not damaged or cracked

Sometimes, a person invests in a tri-ply bottle, follows all these steps, and does everything else, but still ends up with melted ice. The reason could be away from your eyes; check for cracks or other damages to the bottle. If there is any way through which temperature is leaking, you are unlikely to have iced cubes. So, inspect your bottle from top to bottom thoroughly to notice such damages.

Add more ice cubes and less water

If you are going to add water with the ice cubes in the water bottle, you might want to know that proportion. Though it depends upon your choice, avoid a ratio where the water is more and ice cubes are lesser. If the water level is more than that of the ice cubes, the ice cubes will melt sooner. So, if you are aiming for solid ice cubes for a longer time, you should add less water and more ice cubes.

With these tips, you will see a significant difference in your ice cubes’ experience in a water bottle. Hope to have helped you with these tips! Go try these tricks by yourself!

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