How to Clean Water Bottle: Steps And Tips

How to Clean Water Bottle

Clean water bottles are important because nothing is bigger than hygiene. One may argue that the complex designs of bottles makes them more valuable than a plain stainless steel bottle, but the question is- are these complex bottles easy to clean? And if yes, then how can we clean them? In this guide we'll be reading out some of the tips that help us clean any kind of bottles we may use. Here, we are answering the question- how to clean water bottles no matter how complex their design maybe!

Why should I learn how to clean water bottles?

Water-borne diseases are no joke. Many studies point towards serious diseases we can contract from unclean water. While sourcing the water from cleaner and purified resources is important, storing it hygienically is also important. Being careless about water bottles hygiene may lead to: 

  1. Health Risks: Contaminants can cause gastrointestinal issues and other health problems.
  2. Bad Odors: Residual bacteria and mold can create unpleasant smells.
  3. Poor Taste: Contaminants can alter the taste of your water, making it unpalatable.
  4. Material Degradation: Over time, build-up can affect the integrity of the bottle’s material, particularly if it’s made of plastic.

It is obvious that a lack of water bottle hygiene is like an open invitation to many diseases. Over the next few sessions, we will be discussing some of the general tips 

General Tips for Cleaning Your Water Bottle

While the specific cleaning tips for a water bottle may depend on the design of a water bottle, there are some basic tips that can be followed for every water out there.

  1. Daily Rinse: Rinse your water bottle with hot water every day, especially if you use it for beverages other than water.
  2. Deep Clean Weekly: Perform a thorough cleaning at least once a week.
  3. Dry Completely: Always let your bottle air dry completely before storing it to prevent moisture build-up.
  4. Use the Right Tools: Have a bottle brush, mild dish soap, and white vinegar or baking soda on hand for thorough cleaning.

Do not forget to cater to the specific design of your water bottle. At times, certain narrow passages in a flask can cause a dirt build up in that area. Deep cleaning is important in such cases.

Methods on How to Clean Water Bottle

#1. Soap and Water Method

One of the simplest and most popularly used methods is the soap and water method. 


  1. Begin by taking the lid of your bottle off and also unassembling any smaller parts that the bottle may have.
  2. Now apply soap in & out of the bottle and scrub thoroughly. 
  3. Rinse the soap away. Make sure none of it left behind because the soap may dissolve in the water you are about to drink.
  4. Follow by drying completely. 

& that’s it! You have a clean water bottle.

#2. Vinegar Soak Method

Another popularly known method is the Vinegar soak method.


  1. Start by creating a solution with Vinegar and water and filling the bottle with it.
  2. Let the bottle sit with mixture, overnight. The next day, scrub the bottle with a brush.
  3. Rinse the bottle and let it dry.

You will have a water bottle that’s as clean as new.

#3. Baking Soda and Water Method

Baking soda is great for removing stubborn stains and odors.


  1. Mix Solution: Dissolve 2-3 tablespoons of baking soda in warm water and fill the bottle.
  2. Soak: Let the solution sit for a few hours.
  3. Scrub: Scrub the bottle using a brush.
  4. Rinse: Rinse well with warm water.
  5. Dry: Allow to air dry completely.

These were some of the commonly known water bottle cleaning methods that can help you save your bottles from build up. Make sure that you keep a close eye on your water bottles and don’t let dirt or bad odour sit there for too long. 

Special Considerations for Different Materials

While all the tips above are tried and tested, not all of them can be applied to every water bottle out there. Every kind of material has specific cleaning needs. Be careful that material like plastics may not respond very well to hot water. On the other, harsh scrubs may be very harmful for stainless steel bottles. You also want to avoid rough cleaning methods for glass bottles because you may risk breaking them. 

So, there’s a lot to consider when cleaning a water bottle. A quick research about how to clean water bottles may solve your problem. 

Final Thoughts

Knowing how to clean water bottles is a basic life skill. At the end of the day, you deserve to drink clean water & save yourself from diseases. So keep on verifying if you are using the right maintenance practice to maintain your battle. An ideal cleaning practice should neither be harmful to you or the bottle. It should simply clean any dirt or build up.

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