How Often And Why Should You Clean Your Reusable Bottles?

How Often And Why Should You Clean Your Reusable Bottles?

Do you use reusable water bottles at home and office? Do your kids take the same water bottles every day? When was the last time you washed the bottles? Has it been a very long time? Or did you never wash them yet? Did you know that unclean bottles used for drinking even water might be harming your health?

It will not be wrong to say that we do not think much about the number of times we should wash or clean our water bottles. We usually feel that water bottles are reusable and do not require cleaning like other utensils. If you are also one among the same thinkers and doers, it is time to change your habits.

What are the risks of using unwashed water bottles repeatedly?

Or why should you clean any of your reusable bottles often?

Your reusable water bottle might be very safe to use; a sincere manufacturer like Pexpo will always use the best material to ensure quality and safety. However, the aftercare and safety of the bottle are in your hand. Be it coffee, tea, or any other beverage, every liquid is going to leave behind traces inviting germs thereof.

Even water will make the insides of a water bottle somewhat sticky after some time. Finding it difficult to believe? Well, try rubbing your fingers inside the bottle from its mouth; you will know it all by yourself.

Germs, bacteria, and other microbes are going to settle in making any of your beverages highly unsafe and unhealthy for consumption. A good quality steel water bottle may not get rusted; thereby, giving you an impression of being clean. But, the beverage might be getting contaminated otherwise because of unsanitary and unwashed conditions. It can make you, your kids, and your family sick. Therefore, you need to act wisely; do not let your water bottle be as bad as a dirty sink.

How often should you clean your reusable water bottle?

You should clean your water bottle daily with warm soapy water and perform a deep cleaning once a week using a vinegar solution. Now that you know the harmful effects of using an unclean water bottle, it is obvious to ask when you should wash a bottle. After all, washing water bottles had never been a regular thing to do. Here are a few tips.

  • Well, the first tip is to always choose a steel bottle or steel flask instead of the plastic one. Plastic is prone to invite germs, while stainless steel repels such microbes.
  • The second tip is about when to wash your bottles. If you are using the bottle only for drinking water, you can wash it once or twice a week. But, if you pour other beverages like coffee, tea, milk, etc. you should wash the bottle after every use.

  • Another nice thing to do will be to leave the lid open when not in use or after washing it to let the bottle dry. Doing this prevents bacteria growth.

  • You should ideally use mild soap and water to wash the bottles; invest in a water bottle cleaning brush for added convenience. Do this after emptying the bottle from teas, coffees, etc. You can however just swirl tap water into the bottle instead of using soap each time if you are using the bottle only for string water.

Washing bottles will not take more than a minute from your busy schedule; it will however impact your health greatly and favorably. Get into this habit of washing any of your reusable water regardless of what beverage you put into it. You will for sure experience better, positive, and healthier results.

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