Healthy And Happy Things You Can Pack For Lunch

Healthy And Happy Things You Can Pack For Lunch

Lunch is an essential meal of the day as it fuels a person back when their energy level gets drained after working hard since morning. Be it the school/ college goers or those going to the office, everyone needs the urge to feed their hunger in the break time. Also, if you are traveling or on an adventurous trip, packed homemade food is sure to keep your health good and hunger satisfied.

But, the question of the hour is- what to pack every new day that is tasty, healthy, and does not get stale.

What type of tiffin box should you use?

Well, you can find some delicious, exciting, and nutritional options below. And, as far as the freshness of each bite is concerned, you need to change the container. Use a steel lunchbox from Pexpo to preserve the freshness of packed food wherever you go. They are air-tight containers with leak-proof lids with the safety of BPA-free high-quality steel.

Delectable and easy things to pack as your lunch meals

All moms struggle to pack something nutritious and new so that their kids finish every bite. Even office goers find it difficult to get rid of monotonous recipes and try new but easy recipes due to the shortage of time to prepare meals. You may use the following ideas.

  • Sandwiches

There is no limit as to what you can do when it comes to making a sandwich. You can always try creative ways and make every bite scrumptious more than ever. Add veges ranging from the basic cucumber slices to exotic avocado or zucchini. Grate some cottage cheese or pull-apart mozzarella. Layer the dressing with hundreds of choices easily available on market. Go ahead for Mexican touch with beans. Chicken and leafy beds are also great ingredients.

  • Cold salads

No, we are not suggesting lettuce, onion, cucumber, and radish. Give away the old perception about salads and tease your tastebuds with exotic salads. From Indian options to international recipes, you are never going to have an end to types of tasty salads. Chickpeas, sprouts, green chicken, Caesar, Cobb, Waldorf, etc. are some of the world’s top famous salads. Experiment on your own for new recipes by including exotic fruits, walnuts, herbs, sauces, dressings, and whatnot.

  • Tidbits

You do not have to take only one thing in your lunch every day; you can pack different items even on one specific day. Pexpo tiffin combos like Classic, Ultra, and Royal come with a set of three containers. Thus, you can put three different things in each of them daily. This will also be a great idea to munch on the contents of one container at regular intervals of time. Keep one container for soup, the second for fruits, and the third for dessert. You have infinite options in this routine of tidbits. Roasted fox nuts, small burgers, idlis, Nutella bread, dhoklas, kheer, biryani, etc. are some of the tastiest options.

Key takeaway

It is easy to prepare lunch with all these suggestions above; the main point of concern is the freshness of the food. Always use a stainless steel tiffin box from Pexpo for the best experiences. Also, you do not want your desk, bag, clothes, or anything to get spoiled due to leakage. Thus, make sure the manufacturer has taken care of the air-tight and leak-proof lids. Enjoy your lunch tastefully.

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