Extra Features You Will Love About Pexpo's Sports Bottles

Extra Features You Will Love About Pexpo's Sports Bottles

Do you carry a water bottle while going to the gym or ground? Is a tumbler your forever companion while playing any sports or exercising? Are you happy with the product? Or do you find hassles like frequent slipping or temperature leakage?

Well, Pexpo is here to change the game and make your experience so much better with the well-thought collection of sports bottles. Our designer has taken into account every problem faced by athletes or gym goers while sipping from their typical bottles. The result is a perfect stainless steel bottle for all enthusiasts in the gym or other sporty places.

Read on to know how why Pexpo sports bottles have an edge over other bottles in the market.

Insulation and tri-ply for cold beverages

Those who are habitual of drinking protein shakes or other energy drinks would understand the disappointment when they have to sip on warm drinks. After an intense workout session or challenging game, everybody wants to feel fresh with cold beverages. Say goodbye to your regular bottle that warms your drink after a few minutes because Pexpo has insulated.

The perk of our insulated sports bottle is that you can enjoy chilled beverages for a few hours with Stereo 900 and Bistro. And, if you want to keep the drinks cold for longer, try our Electro, Bravo, Echo, Flamingo, and Ferrero with advanced tri-ply tech.

Attractive and utility assortment

Is it not frustrating when you put protein powder in milk or water only to find lumps? Well, this happens because the powder does not get blended properly. Pexpo is delighted to introduce Kayo, the perfect shaker for gym goers and sports players. Kayo has a blending ball that mixes the powders well for a smooth beverage without chunks.

Fusion bottle is another hot seller that comes with two lids, out of which one is attached at the bottom area that you can use as a readily available cup. Our Monaco has a very convenient design. Check other sports bottles like Echo and Oslo for attached belts.


Sweat-free grip with 3x powder coating

We know how intensely you exercise and play that it leaves you with sweaty hands. Grabbing water bottles with sweaty hands leads to a slippery grip and if you are trying to drink the beverage with such a weak grip, there are chances of spilling your beverage all over. We cannot let you be clumsy or thirsty for long.

Therefore, we make sure to use only 3x powder coating on each bottle irrespective of the fact that it is a fridge bottle, insulated one, or tri-ply bottle. The advantage of our coating procedure is that it offers a stronger and sweat-free hold on the Pexpo bottle every time.

Are Pexpo bottles odourless and leak-proof?

We have not forgotten to infuse the fundamental features you look for in bottles. Besides the above-listed extra features, we make sure to not side line your basic demands. All of our bottles are leak-proof and odourless. You can carry the bottles anywhere without worrying about leakage. Pick your preferred design like narrow neck, broad mouth, sleek design, large size, and more. Since we only use high-quality stainless steel grade 304 or 201, our bottles do not have peculiar smells.

Also, we make sure each product and its component are manufactured only in India; we do not use or endorse Chinese or non-Indian accessories at any stage of manufacturing bottles. Browse our collection today for exciting discounts for first-time buyers on stylish, utility-drive, distinctive sports bottles, and many others.

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