Answering The Frequently Asked Questions About Tri-ply In Pexpo Bottles

Answering The Frequently Asked Questions About Tri-ply In Pexpo Bottles

It is always wise to delve into the features of a product before ordering or using it. Especially, if the product is something like a stainless steel water bottle that you are going to use daily. A prudent buyer will always be curious about what goes into the making of the brought product. he or she will also have umpteen questions like if it is safe, is it durable, is it easy to maintain, is it worth it, and so on.

What is better between tri-ply and stainless steel?

Well, tri-ply also has two outer layers of stainless steel only with another layer of aluminium in between. Thus, it is not a common ground for comparison. However, if someone is to rank tri-ply and a single layer of stainless steel in a water bottle, tri-ply wins if your purpose is temperature retention of the beverages. Tri-ply will indeed any day excel in keeping your hot beverage hot and cold beverage cold in comparison to a single layer of stainless steel.

Are 5-ply and 7-ply better than tri-ply?

As the name suggests, 5-ply will have five layers of metals and 7-ply will have seven layers of metals; tri-ply as we know now has three layers of metals. Adding more layers like that of 5-ply and 7-ply will make your metal water bottles way too heavy to carry. It will also add to the cost unnecessarily. Tri-ply is light and efficient enough to make your beverage warm or cold for more than twenty-four hours.

Is tri-ply a durable composition for bottles?

It is one of the top industry-recognized techs used in tiffin boxes, bottles, and numerous other cookware. A user will always have the satisfaction of durability when it comes to tri-ply. Its high-quality built can resist normal wear and tear, scratches, chipping, flaking, and even corrosion. Thus, you will have your beverage bottle be staying in good condition for a good length of time.

Does tri-ply offer value for money?

Tri-ply is safe and durable as noted above. Also, it is top-notch in quality which ensures a satisfactory purchase. Furthermore, it is a creation of industry standards. All these features indeed make it worth every penny. Also, since it does not get corroded or worn out any soon, you can use the same steel flask or steel bottle with tri-ply tech in it for a very long time. Thus, it is sure to be a worthy expenditure offering a fantastic value for your money.

Are all Pexpo bottles embedded with tri-ply tech?

Pexpo caters to the needs of a diversified audience with different expectations from a steel water bottle. Some people prefer bottles that chill quickly in the fridge without any specification about temperature locking. So, other than those bottles, the rest of our tri-ply collection is quite elaborate. Oslo, bravo, electro, espresso, flamingo, Ferrero, fusion, Echo, oreo, and flexo, are our highlights for tri-ply tech bottles. We also have a water jug namely, a cosmo carafe with the tri-ply feature.

You may put forth any other query about tri-ply tech; we will be quick to revert you!

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