6 Wowing Perks Of 3 X Powder Coating On Steel Bottles You Did Not Know

6 Wowing Perks Of 3 X Powder Coating On Steel Bottles You Did Not Know

Powder coating is one of the distinctive points in each Pexpo bottle. It is a free-flowing process of coloring a product with dry procedures and powdered components instead of the typical liquid application. This is done with the help of a procedure called ESD or Electrostatic Spray Deposition. The coated powder is then let to cool down for further utility. All these steps are carried out under expert supervision and plenty of quality checks for wonderful results.

We are here to give each of our customers the exciting benefits of 3 x powder coating with our travel, sports, kids, and every other stainless steel bottle. Therefore, we make sure to use this splendid technique before packing the bottles for you.

Now that you know what this procedure is all about, it is time to know why this is great for you and your steel bottle. You will love knowing about the advantageous points of this technique; have a look below.

Color stays on for a long time

The foremost point to adore about this coating is that it will not let the vibrant look of your bottle fade away any sooner. It means that you can flaunt your gorgeous Pexpo bottle for a very long period. It will indeed be your smart-looking and utterly functional companion at vacation, office, home, gym, and any other place with vibrant colors.

Color remains the same even with hot/cold beverages

Sometimes what happens is that the hotness or coldness of the beverage in the bottle affects the exterior color of the bottle negatively. But, this 3 x powder coating prevents such instances. Thus, you can pour hot teas, cold coffees, chilled water, or anything else into any Pexpo insulated water bottle without worrying about color intactness.

Adds strength to the grip

Gym goers or athletes would know the annoying moment when they grab a bottle with sweaty hands to quench their thirst but only to see the bottle slipping due to perspiration. Well, say goodbye to such troubling times because this powder paint technique is sure to give you an edge. It makes the grip stronger and renders the bottle sweat-free.

Requires minimal maintenance

You will not have to make hard efforts while using or storing any Pexpo bottle because of its 3 x powder coating benefit. This coating adds a protective layer in a way that the powder technique is capable to prevent scratches, rusting, and other deterioration. Cleaning the bottle with this coating is super easy; there are no demanding efforts for its cleaning.

Promotes safety of the users

These powdered paints are devoid of harsh and toxic chemicals which are otherwise present in conventional paints. Since they do not have harmful ingredients, they make the bottles safe for your kids, family, and every other user. Otherwise, typical paints may invite health detrimental effects like difficulty in breathing, headache, etc.

Facilitates environment-friendly motive

Typical paints are known to have chemicals and solvents in them that harm the environment badly. They cause more damage during the time of their application on any product because they release harmful chemicals leading to air pollution. But, when it comes to 3 x powder coating, there is no wastage, no chemical release, and no other threat to the environment.

To conclude, it is correct to say that 3 x powder coating is like bliss for decorative and utility advantages of a product. It makes your Pexpo fridge bottle, insulated bottle, and tri-ply bottle durable, safe, and vibrant. Get yourself such an improved product today or gift it to your tiny toddlers worry-free.

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