5 Things You Will Like About Carrying A Reusable Steel Bottle Everywhere

5 Things You Will Like About Carrying A Reusable Steel Bottle Everywhere

It does not matter if you are traveling for an outstation vacation or commuting for work locally, going to a gym, staying at home, sending your kids to school, or sending them for play, it is almost impossible to not carry a water bottle. And, if you are the one who prefers buying bottled water instead of carrying your own bottle, you might want to consider the latter option after reading this post.

Do away with single-use plastic or SUP bottles and go for reusable steel water bottles. Find below 5 things you will like about carrying a reusable steel bottle everywhere.

  • Plastic-free health advantages

Abundant articles and discussions keep circulating around us asserting the harmful effects of using plastic. Avoid buying bottled water in plastic bottles as plastic usually contains BPA which is a health-harming component. Even if you are using reusable plastic bottles, you are committing a mistake; plastic in any way is affecting your health adversely as it contains toxins. Carry a steel water bottle wherever you go to avoid plastic evils.

  • Easy contribution to earth’s health

Numbers say that nearly 482 billion plastic bottles were used in one year worldwide. And, if even half of them were not recycled, it implies more than 200 billion plastic bottles were dumped openly. Now, imagine the heap of such a dump! It is indeed alarming and we need to stop using plastic bottles; they are damaging the planet. The only remedy is to use reusable steel bottles and flasks. Steel is eco-friendly and it does not harm our only living planet- the Earth. Always carry a reusable steel bottle instead of buying a plastic one.

  • Lesser expenditure and money saving

If you are not using a reusable water bottle outside your home, it means that you are either staying dehydrated or buying water/ other beverages way too often. Both of these implications are not good for your health or wallet. Why waste money on buying water or other beverages while commuting, driving, gymming, or being out of your home? Invest in a reusable bottle once and save your dear money for the rest of the time.

  • No peculiar taste of the beverage

Does water from each bottled company taste different? Or, how about not being able to find coffee or tea outside as tempting as the homemade one? We all want our beverages to taste specifically according to our palate. So, why do you want to compromise the same by buying your favorite beverage from outside? Use a tri-ply or insulated reusable water bottle to keep your beverages fresh, hot, cold, and of the same homemade taste as you love them.

  • Track your water consumption

For those who say that they do not use plastic bottles and use a glass instead every time, well, there are chances that you lose track of water consumption. As we all know, each person should consume 2-3 liters of water every day. Counting the glasses can become difficult and you may forget how much water you had or did you meet the minimum requirements of your body. Carrying a reusable bottle of a certain capacity will keep you informed throughout.

So, always ensure that you carry a steel reusable bottle wherever you go to safeguard your health, planet, wallet, taste, and hydration needs.

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