5 Things People Are Doing Wrong While Using A Water Bottle

5 Things People Are Doing Wrong While Using A Water Bottle

Not many people think about safe and clean ways of using their water bottles. You surely use it daily to drink water from it, but have you ever thought about the correct of using or maintaining it? And, if you are using your stainless steel bottle for beverages other than water like tea, coffee, lemon water, etc., this post is even more important for you to read now. Stay till the end to know more about this safety point.

Find below a few things you or your dear ones might be doing wrong while using a water bottle.

Not paying attention to direct sources of heat

This is probably one of the biggest concerns and the topmost incorrect thing done by plenty of people. It is a habit of umpteen users to bring a water bottle from home, use it only while driving, and leave it back in the car. Resultantly, it gets exposed to the scorching heat of the sun which damages the contents of the fridge bottle. You must avoid any direct source of heat to your water bottle; do not even microwave the bottle for any reason.

Not washing the water bottle regularly

It does not matter how much effort has a manufacturer put in to make the bottle as safe as possible for you, time is going to play its role and the beverages in it are going to call for a thorough cleaning once a while. It is highly recommended to wash the water bottle every time after use with a brush and powdered soap, especially if you use the bottle for teas, coffees, and anything else other than plain water.

Not emptying the bottle when not in use

Sometimes a user forgets to empty the bottle and due to this, it continues having the same beverage for several days, weeks, or even months. It is indeed not a safe practice. Beverages like teas and coffees are certainly going to get bad even after a few days. Even the plain water sitting in your bottle for a few weeks can bring unpleasant consequences. So, if you are not going to use the water bottle for a day, it is better to empty it.

Not leaving the cap open when the bottle is empty

Yes, this might come as a surprise, but it is extremely important to let your bottle not be capped all the time. You might not need one of the many bottles at your place at a given point in time. You might have kept that special one for your vacations or other days. If so, you may consider emptying it completely, washing it, and leaving the cap open to let it dry for a day or so. Remember to wash it again before using it again anytime later.

Not putting the lid back properly

One must know the differentiating point in the importance of leaving the cap open and close. Leave the cap open when the bottle is empty; however, make sure to twist the cap or close the lid securely if it has any beverage therein. It is so because leaving the lid loose or open unnecessarily with tea, coffee, water, etc. in it may invite germs. So, close it firmly after every use; avoid leaving the lid open to talk to someone or do anything else.

So, to wrap up, it will be correct to say that even a stainless steel bottle is just like any other utensil or crockery at your place. You need to wash it and maintain it for a long-term happy experience.

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