Which Fridge Bottle Is The Best In The Market?

Which Fridge Bottle Is The Best In The Market?

Does it not get annoying when you open the fridge and pick up a water bottle only to find it warm? Everybody wants to enjoy chilled water or other beverages as soon as they keep the bottle in the fridge. Disappointingly, people have to wait for an exasperating duration before their beverage finally gets chilled as per their expectations. If you also have been experiencing similar unpleasant experiences, it is time to change the bottle.

Not many users are aware of the fact that the cooling time depends a lot upon the type of the water bottle. Yes, an inefficient fridge or a higher temperature of the fridge may also delay the cooling process, but, if your fridge is working fine, there are high chances that you are using the wrong bottle type. If so, this post will help you in tackling this problem; the solution is that you need to replace the regular water bottle with a stainless steel fridge bottle.

About fridge bottles

A fridge bottle is different from the tri-ply or double-walled bottles because a fridge bottle is designed specifically to chill your beverages quickly. One must note that these bottles are perfect at their job of turning the temperature of your beverage down as quickly as possible; however, they are not designed with the intent of prolonging the coldness or hotness for several hours as that of tri-ply bottles.


If you are looking for quick suggestions for your next fridge bottle purchase, we have some of the most promising options by Pexpo as below.

Bistro- Available in three sizes, Bistro is a single-walled bottle that can chill your favorite beverage in no time. The designers have given it a curvy shape that makes it easy for the users to hold it firmly and conveniently.

Chromo- This is probably one of the most commonly found bottles on the market shelves. Be it any drink, Chromo can chill anything for you in the shortest time possible due to its single wall. Choose the color and size as you wish.

Monaco- A sleek fridge bottle that is not going to take up much space in your fridge but will perform its job of chilling the contents efficiently. It has a capacity of up to 1000ml to quench your thirst coolly and instantly.

Duro- If you are looking for a bottle that chills quickly but looks different, then Duro is the right choice. This bottle has a narrow upper and lower area with a wide surface area at the center. Stand out from the crowd with this design.

Vertigo- Something distinctive from the typical cylindrical steel bottles, this one is catchy because of its rectangular design. With more beverage holding capacity and spectacular chilling efficiency, Vertigo is loved by many.

Rodeo- It is one of the favorite fridge bottles for umpteen people because of its simple yet elegant outlook. Idle for office pantries and home usage, Rodeo is great at chilling beverages in a short duration because of its tough single wall.

Genro- Apart from Rodeo, Genro is another top seller because of its modest shape with a smaller cap along with the wowing function of chilling drinks quickly. It fits in the fridge and bag easily so that you can use it everywhere whenever thirsty.

Umbro- The unique lock lid is the primary attraction here that allows sipper-like convenience while drinking from this bottle. Umbro gets out of stock hastily. Its single wall is sure to cool down your beverage therein in a short span.


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