Tips To Make Your Bottles Be In Usable Condition For Long

Tips To Make Your Bottles Be In Usable Condition For Long

Have your previously bought bottles for beverages started to look old? Do your fridge water bottles emit a peculiar smell? Do you feel unsatisfied with having spent money on a particular stainless steel bottle? Are you looking for some effective tips for the best upkeep of your bottles? If you have encountered any of these problems, it is time to say goodbye and welcome happy practice from now on.

It is true that we do not think about cleaning or maintaining water jugs, insulated water bottles, or even other stainless steel bottles at home. But, did you know that just a few, simple, and easy steps will elongate the shelf life of such products? Such a cleaning habit will also keep the lovely aesthetics of your bottles intact besides eliminating odd odors. Here are some of the most reliable tips you should use for utility and appearance benefits. We promise they will be quick and effective for you.

  • Wash before the first use

It is a general tendency to buy a bottle, unpack it, and fill it with your favorite beverage right away. However, we highly recommend you wash it before even the first use for an enhanced experience. All you need is a bottle-cleaning brush and baking soda available easily in the nearby departmental store. Use the brush to reach the bottommost part and the insides of your new bottle. Wash it thoroughly with soapy water.

  • Repeat the washing steps frequently

This is probably one of the most skipped steps after the above one. People usually never realize the significance of washing fridge bottles or stainless steel bottles. Resultantly, their bottles begin to smell after using a few times. We are glad to say that Pexpo bottles are completely odorless; however, the beverage poured in them is quite probable to leave a smell behind. So, wash the bottle often, preferably after each use.

  • Avoid detrimental steps

One should always be keen about things like what not to do to keep the beautification and utility of a water bottle as fresh as ever. So, when you use a stainless steel bottle, you are supposed to keep it away from direct sources of heat. Never put it in the microwave or freezer as it may diminish its functional value and even invite bumps. You might also want to avoid filling the bottle with carbonated drinks for an unspoiled experience.

  • Care tips when the bottle is not in use


Yes, you read that right; even a small step here will also help you in better maintenance of your bottles. There is not an iota of effort required even. Just empty the bottle when you do not want to use it and leave the cap open. Such a small habit will also do wonders in improving the inner usefulness and outer appearance of your fridge bottle, insulated bottle, or any other water bottle.

The bonus tip is that you should always invest in good quality bottles from renowned manufacturers who guarantee meeting the industry standards sincerely.

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