Things To Keep In Mind Before Buying A Water Bottle For Kids

Things To Keep In Mind Before Buying A Water Bottle For Kids

As a parent, it becomes a major point of concern to shop anything for your tiny tots in the best possible way. Especially, when it is about buying a product that your kid will use for having water, one has to be extra cautious. There cannot be any room for mistakes like giving a bottle or cup made of chemically synthesized material to your sensitive little one. Choosing superior quality bottles made with the safest industry-recognized materials is the smartest move.

We are here to share some tips with you so that you can always be satisfied with giving your children only the best and safest products.

How to choose the best water bottle for kids?

It does not matter if you are planning to buy a fridge bottle for your children so that they stay hydrated at home or for their demand for a new bottle for their upcoming vacation, the following tips will ensure you the best purchase for your precious youngsters.

Say no to plastic and prefer BPA-free

This has to be the foremost consideration for you as an aware parent for the safety of your kids. Time and again, we have heard about the harmful effects of plastic; avoid giving the same detrimental consequences to your toddlers. Sipping from plastic bottles can invite hormonal disorders. Buy a stainless steel bottle for your child and do not forget to see the label BPA-free. BPA-free means that there is no trace of the harmful Bisphenol A component in it.

Delve into the secured lid features.

Children are playful by nature and they keep spilling things everywhere unknowingly. The stories of kids spilling water or other beverages from their bottles are not new. Thus, you will want to buy a water bottle for them that comes with a secured lid. Imagine putting the bottle in your kid’s bag only to see all books or other things soaked in water. You certainly do not wish to clear such a mess. Always opt for leak-proof bottles for kids for dry experiences.

Avoid breakable material of bottles

Sometimes people find it okay to handover a bottle made of glass or other feeble material in tiny hands just because they look fancy. Well, it might do more harm than good to your little one. Again, the playful kids may end up breaking the same while frolicking. Glass bottles are prone to breakage while carrying them here and there, especially by kids. Nobody would want their children to get hurt like this; choose durable and unbreakable stainless steel only.

Pay attention to the temperature leakage

There can be a situation where your child does not drink water or other beverage just because the temperature of the beverage is not right. Not having water regularly can cause dehydration. Thus, it is highly suggested that you should always check the temperature preservation ability of the bottle. Let your child sip onto their favorite summer drink at a lower temperature with the help of a steel bottle embedded with tri-ply tech. Bottles with tri-ply tech will ensure that beverages remain hot or cold for more several hours.

Pexpo Bottle comes with tri-ply technology specially crafted to keep your temperature intact.

Choose an ideal size for tiny hands

The last tip would be to check the size of the bottle. This might sound to be a little unusual but your toddler might appreciate you for this. Do not let those delicate and small hands hold onto heavy-weighted bottles. They will not be able to carry large bottles. Also, the drinking capacity of a child is lesser than that of an adult; so, it is better to choose a convenient size for the kids. Manufacturers like Pexpo offer an exclusive range of bottles for kids.

You might also consider the available colors while choosing a bottle for your dear kid. Otherwise, the above tips are certain to make your water bottle shopping session a safer one for the little ones.

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