From Pitch to Bottle: How RCB and Pexpo Collaborate for Success?

How RCB and Pexpo Collaborate for Success

Pexpo started with a dream to make the world sustainable, healthier and cleaner. Our journey is fueled by purpose and passion. To take our mission forward, this IPL season, we are collaborating with RCB for the first time. Our commitment to innovation makes us resonate strongly with this team. As the official water bottle partner of Royal Challengers Bengaluru, we aim to inspire all the fans to move forward towards a healthier, cleaner and sustainable life. 

Key Takeaways

  • Pexpo and it's vision
  • Reasons behind the collaboration between Pexpo and RCB
  • The vision behind the collaboration

Let's get to know Pexpo.

The present world is suffering significantly from the detrimental effects of plastic pollution. However, our founders wish to combat these effects. It is what marked the birth of Pexpo. In 2014, Pexpo was started with a mission fueled by a concern to reduce plastic pollution by minimising the use of harmful plastic. Since its inception, our brand has long emerged as a beacon of sustainability. We are a leading stainless steel manufacturer that offers top-notch functionality and exude style. 

Pexpo is presently the largest manufacturer of stainless steel bottles in India. Our products are meticulously crafted to blend style and sustainability perfectly. We manufacture stainless steel bottles with tri-ply vacuum insulation to ensure temperature maintenance for beverages for an extended period. But our products are about more than just their functionality. They also offer on-point aesthetics. Our range of stainless steel bottles contains bottles designed to complement your style needs. They are available in the most vibrant colours. 

Trusted studies suggest that 1.1 million marine animals' lives are lost yearly due to increasing plastic pollution. Such alarming numbers indicate the urgency to embrace sustainable alternatives to plastic products. Pexpo contributes to this shift with the best stainless steel products. Our products have a versatile style, making them suitable for use anywhere and by anyone. We aim to move towards a greener future with these products. 

Why are Pexpo and RCB collaborating?

Pexpo has partnered with RCB to promote sustainability using their shared values and commitments. Also, Pexpo is a 100% "Make in India" brand. This value significantly resonates with the advocacy of RCB player Virat Kohli towards endorsing local businesses. Our value and mission perfectly aligns with this team's values. The collaboration aims to enhance reliability and authenticity for consumers nationwide. 

As an RCB partner, Pexpo will endorse a range of co-branded products throughout the T20 season. These products will adorn RCB players' images. The co-branded packaging will make the style of our bottles even more attractive. The collaboration aims to promote the joint vision of Pexpo and RCB to promote indigenous products. 

The exclusive collaboration will present you with a lot more than just bottles. We will also offer exclusive merchandise, bottles with images of RCB players and co-branded packaging. Our collaboration will present you with various branded accessories and collectables to support your favourite team and products in a unique and fun way. 

Our joint campaigns with RCB promise to connect with you across various media platforms. These campaigns will allow you to participate and connect with us. Not only this, you will also get a chance to engage in interactive sessions with your favourite players. 

The vision behind the collaboration 

The ultimate vision behind our collaboration with RCB is to spread awareness about fitness and sustainability. It marks our joint commitment to promoting fitness, health, sustainability, and a greener planet. We both recognise the urgency of addressing the alarming increase in plastic pollution and to reduce it, we have teamed up for a better future. 

Our collaboration underscores our dedication to helping you enhance your health and fitness. It highlights the need to reduce plastic use and prevent your food and beverages from getting contaminated by the harmful chemicals of plastic products. The fitness of RCB players and our high-quality products will motivate you to stay fit and healthy. It will also help you contribute to the better health of the planet for future generations. 


Pexpo feels highly proud to become the official water bottle partner of one of the most admired IPL teams, RCB. Our collaboration is a step towards making you fit and healthy while increasing your admiration for RCB and our unique products. So, check out our exclusive Pexpo-RCB range of stainless steel bottles to support your favourite team while ensuring better health for yourself and the planet.

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