Questions You Would Love To Answer For Your Daily Health Needs

Questions You Would Love To Answer For Your Daily Health Needs

Are you a regular gym goer? Do you wake up early in the morning to jog or exercise in the fresh air? Is your day incomplete without a long brisk walk? Do you keep track of your water intake? Is nutritious food your top priority?

Well, even if you are not that active due to time constraints or otherwise not enthusiastic about working out, you must keep reading for an interesting question answer round. These questions will ensure that you are taking care of your health, nutrition, hydration, and other integral aspects even when you are deeply immersed in work, studies, or fun. After all, you can work, play, or do any other activity only if you are eating and drinking properly.

Let’s dive into the questions and ideal answers.

What do you do right after you wake up?

Yawning and stretching in bed are obviously on everybody’s list while answering this because these actions are too reflexive to mention. But, the real thing is what you do after that? Scroll through social media? Skimming through the newspaper? Well, if you said to drink water; you have scored extra here. It is essential to give your body some fluid after waking up for health benefits.

Pro tip

We know getting up from the bed can seem to be a lazy thing. Use our triply steel water bottle and fill it with detoxifying water recipes at night by your bed. Consume around 300-500 ml in the morning for a kick start.

What are the must-carry accessories while going to work, college, gym, etc.?

All of us have some particular things without which we cannot leave our homes. Car keys, office keys, home keys, money, sunscreen, mobile phone, and many other things might be there. However, besides all these accessories, you must carry an insulated water bottle made of steel. This will help you in quenching your thirst while driving and even at the destination.

Pro tip

You must avoid plastic bottles not just because they harm the planet but also because they have the harmful substance BPA in them. So, ensure that you carry a steel bottle for safe and regular hydration.

Why do not you carry a reusable bottle wherever you go?


If you are yet not in the habit of carrying a reusable water bottle, you should ask yourself the reasons thereof. Most people say that their bottle does not fit in the vehicle’s cup holder or does not keep the contents hot/ cold for long. Some other reasons can be fear of spillage, breakage, heavyweight, and more. If forgetting about it is the reason, set reminders.

Pro tip

Buy a stainless steel water bottle with insulation and triply tech by Pexpo to enjoy your favorite beverage hot/ cold for more than 24 hours. Such graded steel is prone to breakage with a secured leak-proof lid.

How much water do you drink in a day?

An average adult person should consume 8-12 glasses of water in a day as per studies to stay hydrated well. Fluid intake is of utmost importance for good skin, organ cushioning, efficient digestion, high energy, and innumerable other health benefits. Understandably, counting glasses can be a hassle and one may even skip the count.

Pro tip

How about using a water bottle instead of consuming any fluid in glasses? Buy a Pexpo bottle in the size of your preference and try to finish it on your own a couple of times each day. This will help you in tracking your fluid intake easily.

Key takeaway

You can always have a mix of beverages if drinking plain water does not excite you. Try filling your bottle with coconut water, smoothie, buttermilk, herbal tea, energy drink, chai, coffee, detoxifying beverages, and so on for flavorful twists. Remember to use only a steel bottle as it is safe for you.

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