Putting Jargon Related To Stainless Steel Bottles In Understandable Language

Putting Jargon Related To Stainless Steel Bottles In Understandable Language

One may feel utterly confused while coming across complex words describing the qualities of a stainless steel bottle or lunchbox. But, the truth is that the meaning of all such terms is utterly crucial and very easy to understand. If you also have been trying to dodge the relatable jargon, it is time to update your knowledge in the simplest possible way. Our experts have put even the most complicated words in a language you will appreciate.

Find below some of the commonly used words by the makers of stainless steel water bottles, tiffin boxes, and more products.  

BIS Standards

BIS is the acronym used for Bureau of Indian Standards which is the National Standard Body of India responsible for a plethora of activities including standardization, marking, and certification of goods based on quality benchmarks. All these activities done by BIS are crucial as they impact the safety, reliability, and quality of all goods available in India. Consumers concerned about their health and safety must buy only those commodities certified by BIS.

So, when you see the BIS mark on stainless bottles, tiffin boxes, etc., it implies its safety and quality feature for you.


BPA stands for Bisphenol A, a compound used in the production of plastic water bottles, baby feeders, lunch boxes, spoons, and plenty of other products. Studies across the globe by top scientists and lab experts have confirmed that the presence of BPA in food or beverage containers invites serious health threats. BPA can cause cancers, infertility, endometriosis, and so many other diseases. So, everybody must avoid using plastic bottles and containers to stay away from such health issues.

Thus, when a stainless steel bottle has words written BPA-free on it, it means that it did not use BPA in its making and is safe to use.

Double/ single wall

Whenever a food or beverage container is produced, the manufacturer has to insert a wall in it to complete the product’s anatomy and give a final shape besides other utility values. There can be two options- single wall and double wall. A bottle with a single wall is ideal when you want to chill the beverage fast, but are not concerned about its temperature retention capability. A single-walled bottle is lightweight. Contrarily, a double-walled bottle prevents water leakage keeping beverages hot and cold for long.

You can find either of these options on stainless steel bottles and lunch boxes according to your preference as mentioned above.

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