Helping You To Identify The Parts Of A Water Bottle

Helping You To Identify The Parts Of A Water Bottle

Anything you see has a different name for all of its components. But, sometimes, we just keep wondering what a specific part is called. For example, did you know that the end part or the tip of a shoelace is called aglet? Or, how about the word glabella connoting the space between your eyebrows? Well, there are innumerable such words that exist for real about the things that we see or use daily, but many of us never get to know the exact dictionary word for them.

One such product could be a water bottle used regularly by each one of us. Be it a school- going toddler or an office- attending adult, everybody uses a bottle for one or the other beverage. But, do you know what is the uppermost part of a bottle called?

Let us find out and improve the vocabulary!

What are the parts of a bottle called?

Be it a stainless steel bottle or any other material, the following glossary applies to each one of them. Find them below.

  • Brim- You might have heard the phrase “filled up to the brim”. Though the phrase itself is clear about its meaning, it is the topmost edge of a bottle beyond which you can put more water or beverage into it. It is the outermost border of a bottle.

  • Thread- Have you ever noticed that all bottles have a spiral-like ring under the lid? You must have seen this while removing or putting the lid onto the bottle. This spiral ridge is called thread that helps to screw and unscrew the bottle cap.

  • Neck- It is usually the narrowest part of a bottle going just below the brim till the portion where a bottle becomes broad. If you know what is a shoulder, then the neck is the part that is above the shoulder but below the brim.

  • Shoulder- Well, if you did not know about the shoulder of a bottle; you now will. Do you notice the particular part where the neck becomes broad? That outward edge is called the shoulder. It is also taken as the point connecting the neck and wide body.  

  • Body- This should not be difficult; it is the main part of every bottle that holds the maximum quantity of the beverage. One may also refer to the body of a bottle where the sidewalls are vertical in the majority of the cases.

  • Label Panel- The shortest explanation of a label panel is the part where you see the brand’s label wrapped around the bottle. It is the part where the sticker or label of the manufacturer and other details are displayed.

  • Base- This is the part on which you make your bottle stand. So, it is referred to as the outermost and the bottommost part of the bottle on which the bottle stands or rests. The body ends here and so does the bottle.

  • Pushup- You may or may not have noticed this part of a bottle. A pushup is an inward dome-like structure at the base but inside the bottle. It is clearly visible in a transparent bottle; however, you may touch it and feel its presence in other bottles.

We hope you will find this post useful. Some other parts we all know are the handle, lid, strap, etc. There are plenty of other technical parts also. Let us know if you are familiar with more terms about a bottle.

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