Guide To Buying The Best Summer Bottle

Guide To Buying The Best Summer Bottle

Summers are here and there is an unsaid need to have a bottle that can take care of your thirst in the coolest possible way. Be it while working in the office or relaxing at home, be it while traveling or doing house chores, it is super essential to keep having a beverage. Staying hydrated is indeed the ultimate and most integral key in such scorching heat.

But, then, pause a bit, and think which bottle is the best? Are all of such products available in the market as same as each other? Are there any considerations you need to keep in mind while buying a water bottle?

Well, if you are looking for informative answers, you are at the right place. At Pexpo, we aspire to share the right info in this regard so that you spend money on a worthy, safe, and fabulous product.

Here are some buying tips we swear by in this regard.

Opt for the tri-ply technique

It is no rocket science that warm weather demands cool beverages. So, take key note of the tri-ply presence in the chosen bottle. The reason is that your cold beverage is going to get warm in no time in the summers; thus, you need to use a bottle that has modern and reliable technology to keep your drink as cold as had poured it. The only and most phenomenal solution here is tri-ply tech which has three layers to keep your beverage chilled throughout the day.

Prefer stainless steel built

This point is about principles of science that tell us that citric acid is bound to react with metals. So, if you are choosing a bottle with walls made of reactive metals, there are high chances that your sour drinks are going to get contaminated. Thus, it is always wise to pick a steel water bottle to avoid such harsh reactions and unsafe experiences. Stainless steel is perfect for all types of drinks like lemon water, juices, smoothies, etc.

Choose BPA free

Another point regarding safety is that your bottle should be BPA-free; meaning, it should not contain Bisphenol A in its construction. This is usually present in most of the bottles available in the market made of plastic. Yes, we promote stainless steel bottles instead of plastic bottles; however, the exterior walls, the lid, or other covering parts other than the inside walls may sometimes need to be made from hard plastic for sturdiness.

Surety of non-leakage

Last, but not the least, pay attention to the feature of the bottle being leakproof. You certainly do not want to spend on a bottle that keeps splurging the beverage out. Imagine having kept a bottle in your laptop bag, backpack, lap, bed, etc. only to see it leaking and damaging everything. It will indeed not be a great purchase. So, always buy a steel bottle that comes with a secured lid guaranteeing you an odorless, leakproof, and worthy experience.

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