Get The Benefits Of A Steel Shaker Or Sports Bottle Over A Plastic One

Get The Benefits Of A Steel Shaker Or Sports Bottle Over A Plastic One

More and more people are getting attentive to their health lately; they are indulging in physical exercises for better fitness. Those workout buddies who are strict and dedicated towards their gymming schedules would agree that they never leave their dear shaker or sports bottles behind while getting ready for the gym. The reason is that everybody feels thirsty while sweating in a gym and there is nothing more satisfying than a protein drink or other specific energy drinks.

If you are also someone who never misses gym, this post is for you. You can either be aiming for weight training or yoga sessions, losing fat, or gaining muscles, you should only use a stainless steel bottle to sip your favourite workout beverage.

We know you need logic first before you can finally give up the typical plastic shakers or bottles for the gym, etc. Our experts got you covered and present the following reasons to convince you to choose steel over plastic for shakers.

Safer consumption of workout drinks

Do you know that plastic shakers or bottles have a toxic compound in them known as BPA or Bisphenol A? The presence of BPA can make your protein drinks utterly unsafe for consumption rather than making them good for your workout sessions. Studies reveal that BPA can be responsible for serious diseases like cancer, infertility, and more. The best alternative solution is to use stainless steel bottle or shaker as there is no BPA in steel. Resultantly, you will be able to consume your workout drinks safely.

Preserve the edibility of energy beverages

Not many people like the taste of protein drinks and if you are a beginner, you might not find the taste of the whey powdered drinks very pleasant. But, it is essential to have such pre or post-workout deals for recovery and you will get used to the taste eventually. However, the thing to remember here is that you do not have to get used to the unusual taste due to the plastic reaction. Plastic is known to react with specific ingredients that make the taste of a drink very odd. Use a steel shaker to enjoy the pristine taste.

Eliminate the pungent smell of protein powders


Besides the taste, plastic material is also infamous for absorbing the smell of the ingredients. So, when you use a plastic container or shaker regularly to store energy drinks or protein powdered beverages, plastic is certain to soak the smell of the whey or protein powder and emit the same pungent smell even when the shaker is empty. Contrarily, a quality shaker made of steel will not absorb the smell of the drink or powder. You can just wash the steel shaker for hygiene sake and refreshing smell; but, the steel will not emit its own smell.

Good for you and the planet

Lastly, if you are conscious about your health, you should also be worried about the planet’s health. Seeing the alarming weather changes, global warming, increasing landfills, the threat to marine life due to plastic pollution, and other biodiversity risks, it is high time that we switch to environment-friendly alternatives. The first and the easiest step is to discard shakers, bottles, and food containers made of plastic; choose stainless steel while buying all such products for food or beverages to protect the planet and its health.

Prefer steel over plastic for your and the Earth’s benefits! Get your steel shakers or sports bottles today and persuade your other gym buddies for the same.

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