Four Types Of Utility Bottles You Should Consider Buying

Four Types Of Utility Bottles You Should Consider Buying

One cannot deny the significance of drinking water and other beverages in our lives. Be it a toddler or an aged person, an office goer or a gym enthusiast, a home caretaker or a travel agent, everybody has the urge of sipping on any liquid at regular intervals of time.

The body naturally demands the consumption of beverages to keep dryness out and body balance intact for all beings. Other numerous benefits of drinking water or other beverages are well known like proper hydration, supple skin, detoxified body, nutritional value, and so many more.

But, the catch here is that people are using the wrong bottles for a specific purpose. Surprised to know that? Well, it is true because bottle manufacturers are now putting in scientific applications, modern tech, and other properties to make the bottles perfect for the chosen usage.

Here are some of the available types of bottles you will love using that are designed for a particular purpose.

Fridge Bottle

Ever wondered why thick or heavy bottles seem to take ages to chill your beverage even after keeping them in the fridge? The reason behind delayed freezing or cooling is that you might be using a wrong or unsuitable product. Always prefer fridge bottles because they have single walls that do not interrupt the cooling process. However, do not compromise on the quality; check our fridge bottle collection for faster cooling yet sturdy bottles.

Hot & Cold Bottle

If you are looking for a bottle that keeps your favorite beverage hot or cold for several hours, you must invest in a bottle infused with try-ply tech. This bottle manufacturing technique is about using three layers of stainless steel, aluminium, and again stainless steel. Such a construction prevents temperature leakage and helps in maintaining the coolness or warmth of the contents intact throughout the day. Enjoy hot teas or cold coffees at the same temperature now.

Kids Bottle

The needs of kids are different from that of the adults’ and having a steel water bottle is no exception. The variations can be in volume, size, weight, colors, etc. for children and grown-ups. Your tiny toddler will indeed prefer peppy colors, while subtle colors look sober for working adults. Also, it is better to hand over light weighted and small-sized bottles to your youngsters for easy carrying as compared to the larger sizes for adults.

Sports Bottle

Those who work out regularly or play a sport might have come across the hassles of bottles that become slippery due to sweaty hands. Many times, the bottles do not fit in the cycle holders or lack a convenient holding design. Well, the problem here again is of using an inappropriate water bottle. Buy a specifically designed sports bottle for a sweat-proof, strong grip, leak-proof, and odorless experience. Such bottles also come in shapes and size idle for workouts.

The key takeaway is to remember to buy stainless steel and BPA- free products for safety reasons.

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