Cycle no. PXP0001 is now ready to Board

Cycle no. PXP0001 is now ready to Board

Transport systems around the world are designed for convenience, aiming to efficiently move people from Point A to Point B. Infrastructure is then developed to support these modes of transport. However, most transport systems are calorie-positive, meaning users do not burn as many calories as they consume. Public transport may add a few extra steps to your day, but is that enough?

Amidst this, there exists a two-wheeled, kinetic chain-driven, human-powered, pedal-driven marvel known as the 'Cycle'. Cycling is a healthy, enjoyable, and low-impact form of exercise suitable for all ages. It easily integrates into daily routines, whether commuting to school, shopping, or work. Cycling offers numerous health benefits, which can be explored in references below.

Furthermore, cycling significantly impacts the environment by reducing carbon emissions. It is advisable to cycle in safe weather conditions and where infrastructure supports cycling. Countries like the Netherlands encourage cycling by providing hassle-free infrastructure networks. At Pexpo, we believe India can make substantial progress in supporting cycling networks.

Cyclists require regular hydration, and our stainless steel Heroes are here to support you. The Umbro is designed for easy sipping while cycling, minimizing the need to move your head and ensuring your focus remains on the road.

Author: Vedant Padia - Founder Pexpo


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