Clearing Your Duration Concerns About Storing Beverages In Stainless Steel Bottles

Clearing Your Duration Concerns About Storing Beverages In Stainless Steel Bottles

Whenever a person uses a product, it becomes obvious to think about the pros, cons, and after-experiences for the user. The concern becomes even more serious when it is about using something for drinking as it can impact one's health. So, while using a stainless steel bottle also, it is obvious to have some doubts in mind. A mother especially has such worrying thoughts for her kids. Other health-conscious people, athletes, and travelers may also have similar doubts.

The tri-ply tech promises hotness or coldness of beverages for more than 24 hours. This indeed is a very gladdening feature because there is no other joy like gulping down chilled water while traveling under the scorching sun or while sipping warm tea to get rid of tiredness.

But then, people often wonder if teas or coffees in their bottles are still safe to drink after a few hours or not. Another question asked frequently is for how long can you store water or other beverage in the bottle. People also ask if it is okay to store a beverage overnight. Worry not; we are here to clarify things for your utmost safe drinking experience with Pexpo Insulated water bottles.

For how long can you store beverages other than water in a steel bottle?

If you are using a Pexpo bottle with tri-ply tech, you can store your teas, coffees, milk, and other drinks for around 24 hours without any trace of worry. Tri-ply is efficient to prevent temperature leakage. Thus, your beverages will stay as hot and cold as you had poured them throughout the day. Enjoy your refreshing drink at the same temperature for the next 24 hours in our insulated bottles.

Can you leave the bottle as it is after finishing beverages other than water?

Pexpo bottles are odorless and made from industry-safe materials. However, we highly recommend that you wash the steel bottle after emptying the bottle each time. The reason is that tea, coffee, smoothie, etc. are highly likely to leave bacteria and odor behind. So, get rid of such health risks by washing the steel bottle after every use for an enhanced experience.

For how long can you keep your steel bottle outside?

This is probably one of those questions that people do not pay attention to usually, but it is highly crucial to acknowledge this concern. It is safe to keep your bottle anywhere at room temperature but never forget the precautions. Avoid keeping your steel bottle where it is exposed to direct sources of heat or sun like in the car, oven, etc. It is acceptable to put hot beverages in a tri-ply bottle, but outside heat can prove detrimental.

Can you drink water or beverage left overnight?

There is no harm in drinking water or other beverage left overnight as long as you have stored them properly. Ensure that the lid is closed securely. It should not have been more than a day for beverages other than plain water. If it has already been a day, check the odor and color of the beverage. It might not be as cold or hot as you had poured it after 24 hours, but it should still be safe for consumption.

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