Busting Myths About Stainless Steel Water Bottles

Busting Myths About Stainless Steel Water Bottles

Lack of knowledge or believing rumors about any topic without verifying can make a person fall on the bait of myths. A lot of people have umpteen untruths in their minds when it comes to using stainless steel water bottles.Resultantly, many of them are still using plastic or glass bottles just because they were told about some minus points of stainless steel bottles. We are here to debunk a few of the most common ones so that you can rethink your choice.

Some of the myths and facts are discussed below.

Myth- Stainless steel is prone to rust; thereby, harming the beverages.

Fact- Stainless steel does not rust; thereby, it does not harm the beverages.

Explanation- Not everybody is using glass, plastic, or ceramic crockery at their place for each meal of the day. A look into the Indian household’s kitchen will reveal that people are still using stainless steel plates, spoons, glasses, bowls, etc. for a very long time now. Such steel utensils might be as old as several generations also. So, why are stainless steel bottles rumored to get rusted? Buy a steel bottle from a reputed maker and you will never regret it.

Also, Pexpo uses only industry-recognized 304 or 201 stainless steel which is known for its safety characteristics for both food and beverage. These grades are as same as those utensils in which water is pasteurized, beer is brewed, or is otherwise used safely commercially without any fear of rusting. So, go ahead and buy yourself stainless steel water worry-free.

Myth- Storing beverages in stainless steel bottles changes their taste.

Fact- Storing beverages in stainless steel bottles does not change their taste.

Explanation- Stainless steel has been in use as one of the most common materials for utensils, especially in Indian homes. Innumerable people store, serve and eat food in stainless steel utensils only. So, ask yourself, has your food ever tasted of metal, or has it tasted differently all this while? Well, certainly not because it cannot happen that way. So, you do not have to hesitate about using stainless steel water bottles anymore because of the same logic.


It is to be noted that Pexpo as a leading manufacturer of steel bottles adheres to all regulations laid down by the food and beverage industry. All Pexpo products are made of the stainless steel grade 304 or 201 as per the need of the specific product. Both of these grades are well-known to never absorb or affect the flavors of food or beverages.

Myth- Stainless steel water bottles are way too expensive.

Fact- Stainless steel water bottles are going to prove to be cost-effective.

Explanation- Remind yourself that how many times were you able to use a plastic bottle without any problems. There will come a time eventually when the thin plastic bottle loses its shape or a thicker one begins to emit odor besides feeling sticky from inside. You will indeed have to discard the plastic one very soon. And as far as a glass bottle is concerned, it is highly risky as it may shatter anytime and even hurt the holder, especially kids.

Contrarily, if you invest in an insulated water bottle or fridge bottle made of stainless steel, you are certain to get a beverage companion for a very long time to come. You will not have to repurchase the same repeatedly unlike a plastic or glass bottle for odor, breakage, or other annoyances. Thus, a stainless steel bottle will be cost-effective in the long run.

To conclude, do not forget to read other articles about how glass and plastic bottles are doing no good. Till then, find satisfaction and get rid of the myths around stainless steel bottles that were still preventing you from using them.

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