Benefits of Stainless Steel Tiffin Box

benefits of stainless steel tiffin boxes

40% of the plastic produced globally is single-use plastic with a few hours or even minutes lifespan. 

Do you remember your most cherished school memories whenever you hear or read about tiffin boxes? From lunchtime adventures to the aroma of home-cooked meals, tiffin boxes hold a significant place in one's heart than just being a vessel to store and carry food. You might prepare the most delectable and healthiest meals to ensure a similar experience for your younger ones. However, all your efforts will be reasonable for nothing if you choose a plastic tiffin box. Instead, use stainless steel tiffin boxes that preserve the freshness of meals without compromising safety. The impeccable benefits of steel tiffin boxes have made them a preferred choice for carrying meals to schools and offices. 

Numerous individuals have made a shift from plastic to stainless steel tiffin boxes. Continue reading to learn about the ultimate benefits of steel tiffin boxes, which are behind this increasing shift. This blog will also introduce you to the key points that make stainless steel boxes better than plastic ones. Additionally, it will share some practical tips to prepare a healthier school lunch for your little ones. 

Key Takeaways

  • Negative impacts of plastic tiffin boxes
  • A detailed comparison between a stainless steel tiffin box and a plastic tiffin box
  • Benefits of steel tiffin box
  • The most effective ways to prepare a healthier school lunch

Stainless Steel Tiffin Box Vs Plastic Tiffin Box 

Plastic containers release significant amounts of microplastics in food. Studies predict that by 2060, the natural environment will accumulate 155-265 million tons of plastic, with 13.2% of this weight being microplastics. If you do not wish to contribute to these alarming numbers, it's time to stop using plastic tiffin boxes. Below are the significant differences between a stainless steel and a plastic tiffin box. 

Differentiating Aspect

Stainless Steel Tiffin Box

Plastic Tiffin Box


Dent-resistant and lasts for years

Cracks over time


Free from BPA and other harmful chemicals

Made with BPA and other toxic materials


Keeps food hot/cold for hours

No insulation

Side Effects

No side effects

Releases harmful chemicals into food


Easy to clean and disinfect

Tougher to clean

Environmental Impact


Contributes to landfill waste and plastic pollution


Easily recyclable

Not easily recyclable

After you have a deep understanding of the major differences between stainless steel and plastic tiffin boxes, move on to the next section of this blog. It will list the five most significant benefits of steel tiffin boxes

5 Benefits of Steel Tiffin Box 

Below are the most appreciated benefits of stainless steel tiffin boxes.


#1. Chemical Free

One of the first advantages of these lunchboxes is that they are safe for use. Stainless steel tiffin boxes are BPA-free and do not contain other harmful chemicals. This ensures no toxic chemicals are released into your food, and its healthiness remains unaltered. 

#2. Environmental-Friendly

Another benefit of stainless steel lunch boxes is their environmentally friendly nature. Plastic tiffin boxes significantly contribute to plastic pollution and landfill waste. However, stainless steel tiffins do not harm the environment. They can be used for a long time and are entirely recyclable. 

#3. Insulation

Plastic containers do not have insulation properties. On the other hand, stainless steel boxes keep food hot or cold for a long period. Most high-quality steel lunch boxes keep food temperature insulated for up to six hours, so your child will not be forced to eat cold food. 

#4. Cost-Effective

Stainless steel lunch boxes are expensive but do not believe this myth. These containers are cost-efficient. From quality to durability, these boxes pay you back in every way possible. 

#5. Keeps Food Fresh

Stainless steel tiffin boxes keep food fresh for several hours. They preserve the fresh taste and aroma of food for a long period, so you can rely on them for carrying food to school or the office. Also, even after hours, they do not release chemicals into the food. 

More Ways to Put Together a Healthier School Lunch

School lunches must contain a balanced diet. However, it would help if you made food exciting and delicious for your child. Some tips that can help you with this are listed below. 

  • Include fresh fruits and crunchy vegetables in lunch boxes. 
  • Add grains or cereals to the meal.
  • Make a colorful lunch by adding various veggies and fruits. 
  • Put frozen yogurt or milk in hot weather. 


The many benefits of steel tiffin boxes must have impressed you. From ensuring a healthy lunch to helping conserve the environment, these tiffin boxes are the best choice. If you wish to get the best quality stainless steel tiffin boxes, check out Pexpo's products. We offer the best stainless steel lunch boxes for kids and adults. So, whether you are looking for a school lunch box or an office lunch box, Pexpo is the best place to find the most premium ones at
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