A Steel Or Glass Carafe- Which One Is Better?

A Steel Or Glass Carafe- Which One Is Better?

Coffee lovers who prefer doing the brewing process on their own would agree that having a good and efficient carafe is such an important thing. For those who do not know, a carafe is like a pot used to make coffee and other beverages sometimes. It is only while using a carafe that the owner comes across some hassles and is left wondering if he made the right choice. The turmoil is due to situations like fragile handling, hot temperature bearing capability, ease of use, and so on.

If you are about to buy a carafe or wish to replace the older one, you must wait till you finish reading this helpful post. We are here to help you choose between the two top choices- glass and steel carafe. Read on to know which one is better among these two options in the market for you.

Prone to breakage/ durability

If you are considerate about the fragility of your would-be carafe, this point does not need big explanatory paragraphs. There is no doubt that a steel option is any day a sturdier and better option as compared to the glass one. Even a slight accidental thrust will leave it into shattered pieces. Clearly, the steel carafe takes away the score on this deciding factor; it is not prone to breakage and will work for you for a longer duration.

High-temperature resistance

People use a coffee carafe to brew their beverages at a high temperature. If you are also buying the carafe with the same purpose, you might want to chuck away the glass option. Glass, by its very nature, is not capable of enduring high temperatures. You surely do not want to risk the glass carafe blowing apart and spilling the hot contents all over. It is always wise to choose a stronger material like stainless steel for a carafe to bear high temperatures.

Warm coffee for a longer duration

What will be the point of making coffees or other hot beverages in a carafe that cannot retain the desired warmth? Well, again, glass is incapable of retaining temperature which means that your coffee, tea, etc. will not remain hot for more than a few minutes. Glass option is good only for immediate consumption of hot beverages. Contrarily, a steel carafe will serve you your favorite coffee warm and refreshing even after a few hours.

For added advantage, you can buy Pexpo’s carafe having tri-ply tech known to keep the beverage hot for more than 24 hours.

Easy on pocket

The glass carafe might score at this point where it might be less experience when compared to the steel one. Usually, you will find a glass carafe more pocket-friendly while comparing the prices. But, we can clearly understand why a steel one comes for a higher price. The steel carafe will offer temperature retention, more durability, no breakage, and convenient handling; therefore, it will be worth every penny.


With the above-mentioned pros and cons, it is clear that a steel flask or steel carafe scores more than the glass one. The only downside of the steel options could be the price, but one should think long-term where you will be using the steel carafe for a long time without worrying about breakage; you might have to spend repeatedly on a glass carafe if it breaks. So, make a wise choice while selecting between a steel and glass carafe.


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