A run a day keeps the doctor away.

A run a day keeps the doctor away.

Running is one of the simplest activities any human can do to stay fit. Many animals in the wild run daily to find food or avoid becoming prey, illustrating nature's fitness regimen. In our safer, civilized setting, running remains one of the best and easiest ways to maintain fitness. No equipment or assistance is needed—just you and the open road. While it can sometimes feel monotonous, I find that music through headphones keeps me motivated.

The cardiovascular benefits of running are well-documented online, so I won't delve into them here. However, it's worth noting the mental health benefits, including the famous 'runner's high' caused by endocannabinoids released during and after a run—natural chemicals similar to cannabis.

It's crucial to stay hydrated while running, as it depletes your body of sodium and other minerals. Drinking plenty of water from a safe, non-chemical leaching stainless steel bottle is ideal. Consider adding sodium-rich supplements to maintain electrolyte balance. Pexpo bottles are designed to keep you hydrated during intense workouts. Check out the latest Cardio model, equipped with a button-lock cap for easy opening & quick refills as you prepare for those extra miles.

Author: Vedant Padia - Founder Pexpo


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