A Mom’s Guide To Hydration And Nutrition Needs For Kids

A Mom’s Guide To Hydration And Nutrition Needs For Kids

Seeing your kids grow is one of the most beautiful experiences. Nurturing them is a responsible job and one cannot get wrong with it in any sphere. Besides studies and play, their food habits and drinking schedule are the top concerns for every mother. A child\u2019s energy, health, and overall development depend largely upon what they eat and drink at regular intervals of time. As a parent or guardian, ensure that your tiny toddlers get the best of nutrition and hydration.

We know all mothers and even fathers try to give their children the perfect growing and living conditions. Gain satisfaction about getting the food and drinks for your kids rightly with the following points.

Start early and young

All mothers would agree that they face a tough time making their school-going children eat green vegetables, pulses, and other healthy food items. Well, the tip here is that you should try to make them habitual of such things when they are growing babies. Habits, likings, and dislikings form while we are young; so, start early. However, do not force them, try to be more creative with the recipes so that they love leafy, green vegetables, and pulses.

Let them copy you

It is true that kids try to copy people around them. If they see their elders enjoying fries, junk food, soft drinks, etc., they are going to follow you. Try to eat and praise healthy stuff like broccoli, pulses, capsicum, apples, and other fruits plus vegetables in front of them; they will try to adapt the same. As a mother, you have to set the best example for your child\u2019s eating preferences.

Offer tasty and healthy drinks

Keeping children hydrated is significant even if their fluid intake requirement is not as large as that of adults. Even kids may get dehydrated, especially when they are going to school during dry winters or humid summers. If your kid is into sports, games, plays, and other physical activities, you must attend to their beverage consumption. Avoid teas, coffees, sodas, and other carbonated drinks. Give them refreshing and healthy beverages like coconut water, etc.

Use steel and discard plastic

If you are concerned about the hydration and nutrition of your child, paying attention to tasty and healthy recipes will not be alone sufficient. Giving fruits, vegetables, snacks, beverages, and even water in plastic containers will be detrimental to their health. Plastic has a toxin namely, BPA and there are chances that it is making food and drinks unsafe for consumption. So, always choose a steel lunchbox and bottle while serving them meals at school/ home.

Where to shop?

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